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Since 2014, there has been a 400% increase in people moving to digital wallets and credit cards reports Merchant Stronghold. Today, small businesses are more dependent merchant accounts and payment gateways to be able to offer multiple payment options to their customers. Credit Card is the most preferred and fast one.


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Today small businesses are more dependent merchant accounts and payment gateways to be able to offer multiple payment options to their customers. Credit Card is the most preferred and fast one. A convenient way for small businesses to grow and be able to offer their services via accepting credit cards online. This means without an online Payment processing service your Magazine Subscription business will be at a serious disadvantage. A key difference between online payment providers is their approach towards eCommerce. Both traditional and online credit card processing services are aimed to make transactions easy for customers and merchants but what differentiate payment providers are their features for selling and ease of payment options.

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There are Some key features that every merchant should keep in consideration and they are: How much does the Payment Gateway cost Safe and Secure Processing Simple API Gateway Integration

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HOW MUCH DOES THE PAYMENT GATEWAY COST As Magazine Subscription business your first criteria is finding a service provider with suitable rates. There are a number of costs you have to consider. There is startup cost to setup your merchant account configuring/customizing it for your business and PCI annual fees. There are other types of fees such as transaction charges which can be flat per transaction or variable. Some merchant account providers have monthly charges for any number of transactions. Online payment processing services differ with every merchant account provider so it will be helpful for you if you understand overall cost. Contact Merchant Stronghold for a Fast Solid and Secure Merchant Account.

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SAFE AND SECURE PROCESSING All the credit card processing transactions go through multiple secure servers means no data is stored on your business computer. This makes direct marketing processing safe and secure. Online information is a great matter of concern for business owners. Ensure that online payment processing service has high security and data encryption is kept as per standard. Security features also include SSL certificates CVV2 verification and complex encryption algorithm and restrictions. Many businesses consider these features because they offer a safe environment to sell products online.

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SIMPLE API GATEWAY INTEGRATION Because of rising information theft you should consider going beyond minimum security so that your Magazine Subscription business is out of harm. Your customers get email receipts at the time of processing. This ensures that transaction is authentic and quick. All the records are kept for future references. ISpyFraud Technology helps to monitor and capture customers IP address at the time of the transaction. Geo Locations and IP Address help reduce online fraud. API Gateway Integration and step by step check out process is appreciated by all Cardholders. You should run series of test transactions on your website before making it live. Many merchants don’t do tests and because of it they face problems. A reliable online Payment processing service knows what to do to keep you safe from frauds.

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