12 Signs Your Custom eBay Storefront Design can be a Disaster- conclus

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Read these 12 warning signs & see whether your customeBay storefront design is a marvel or a disaster. Read the third part.


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12 Signs: Your Custom eBay Storefront Design can be a Disaster – The Conclusion ©ebaystoredesign.org

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• We have reached the final showdown of the blog series. We hope you will enjoy the conclusion act accordingly. • Treat your custom eBay storefront design as an asset to your store giving you healthy return on your investments. • It is just a matter of serious design that yields good sales leads money at the end of the day. Read below the conclusion. ©ebaystoredesign.org

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9 Free Store or Listing Designs • The word free is enough to attract anyone. Free design are available online they save your money doing harm to your business in a long run. • Professionals do charge for their services but that is once in for all. • You can take us as an example we have no monthly subscription charges or maintenance fees. You just have to pay once that’s all. • New sellers fall prey to free templates designs and land themselves in jeopardy. ©ebaystoredesign.org

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10 The Like Dislikes • Do you like your design Before asking this to yourself ask this to your designer whether they like the product finished by them • Between all these likes dislikes there is a key to the question that either your design will be a success or crash land. • Keep it simple. If you like your visitor will like if you don’t like then you know what to do with the design. Change the design or the designer. ©ebaystoredesign.org

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11 No marketing plans No scalable strategy • The approach towards designing a custom eBay storefront design is loosely configured by everyone who is involved in the project. • A good hand on Photoshop doesn’t guarantee a good design. An amateur Photshopper can do it for you if it is only colors images. • Store designing needs a strategic planning immaterial of the project size. And by strategy we mean from initial consultation till final approval installation of the design. • Check with your service provider whether all the aspects are taken into consideration or not. ©ebaystoredesign.org

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12 World class support is a myth • Don’t believe us Pick up your phone call a customer service center of any product purchased by you recently. • Either they are busy or they will keep you waiting if luckily you got connected with them. • Busy phone line is not an issue but every one of us has gone through the nightmare of long waiting calls at support service centers. ©ebaystoredesign.org

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• The same situation is if you visit them personally. They keep you waiting. The actual problem is even after these long waiting periods your problem is not resolved. • An ideal support service must be quick intelligent easy. Not like transferring calls to different departments. • Reputed service providers like us give liberty to our clients to directly chat with relevant individual who is responsible to solve the problem. ©ebaystoredesign.org

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• Concluding the four part series of the blog carefully review the 12 points outlined here. This blog series will help you with a new perspective towards the digital world. • Set your business goals hire right people and gather resources that are needed to build your custom eBay storefront design. Think of your store design to generate leads sales for you. • If you have missed the third part Click here to read. ©ebaystoredesign.org

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