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The Future of Social Media Marketing:

The Future of Social Media Marketing


Introductio n Social Media trend is changing every day and the impact it is putting on Media Marketing is remarkable. People are dependent on social media marketing companies to grow their business and convert their visitors to customers. The upcoming slides will take you through the future of Social Media Marketing in the coming years.

Video Content:

Video Content Video content is increasing rapidly and will quickly take over the digital marketing industry. Experts opine that almost 80 percent of the online materials will now be in video format. Live videos were trending on YouTube but it has spread widely onto other leading social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Creating engaging videos to promote your products and grow business through YouTube and promoting it online with the help of online marketing companies will help you in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence In the coming time, AI will be embedded with Social Media for better performance and features. This will gradually replace manual customer services as chatbots will be felt more human and work well.

Dependency on Social Media :

Dependency on Social Media The dependency will be increased in the upcoming time as few of best online marketing companies have already started relying on social media pages to grow their business and attract customers. Presently, everyone reaches out to social media to find the product of their choice and check the details of the brand, etc.

Micro Influencers :

Micro Influencers For promoting your brand, the days are gone when you had to endorse a high rated celebrity. Now micro-influencers are used for the development and growth of products and business. Influencers, who have more than 30,000 followers, are collaborated with the company for promoting their products. This is going to trend more in the coming years and yield results.

Augmented Reality :

Augmented Reality This feature facilitates customers to see how they will look even much before they make any purchase. For instance, if you want to buy sunglasses, you can try this out visually onscreen and see how it looks on you. This helps in better decision making.

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