Technological Advancements and its Inequality Across the Globe

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Technological Advancements and its Inequality Across the Globe:

Technological Advancements and its Inequality Across the Globe EASE Technology Solutions


Nowadays, many people in the whole world is relying so much to technology. Living without the aid of technology, life is totally hard and tasks are time consuming. But despite this, access to certain products of technology in different countries is still unequal.


According to Gabie Roldàn Waals in his research entitled “ Economic and Social Council: Promoting Equal Access to New and Existing Technologies for Sustainable Development ” (2015), it is important that the technological information all around the world is balanced to avoid biases and nationalistic thoughts based on one’s country technological advancements.


Technological advancement should be equal all around the world. Regardless of the economic status of a country, technological advancements or developments should be equal where developing countries should have same access in technology .


There are some factors why other countries don’t have same access to technological advancements. First is the economic equality. Compared to the still developing countries, developed nations are much equipped and advanced in terms of technology. Most of the people there know better about technology compared to those people living in developing countries.


Also, the economic growth of every country is different from the other. The higher economic growth, the more advancement in technological access. Second is social mobility. Technology plays an important role in our learning and career. The government should assure the inclusion of computers and internet access in every school in order to provide equal opportunities.


In the Philippines, there are around 425,812 internet hosts. Internet host is a device connected to a computer network. It offers information, services, and applications to every users. Philippines makes sure that they can compete to those countries who have more advancement in terms of technology. As a matter of fact, EASE Technology Solutions makes sure that they have the same access of technology that can compete with those of US, Japan, Brazil, and others even if the technological advancement is way different.


In EASE Technology Solutions , it is their mission to provide the best possible service to their valued clients all over the world and having the said technological advancements make their mission possible.