How does Teeth Whitening Treatment Work

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How does Teeth Whitening Treatment Work:

How does Teeth Whitening Treatment Work Teeth whitening are most trending treatment of dental practice. This is one of the most demanded therapies because in recent time every one is suffering from pale yellow teeth due to poor oral hygiene and malnutrition. Pale yellow teeth can lead us to in a shameful condition, that’s why to abolish this embarrassment we should opt a tooth whitening treatment as soon as possible .


What is tooth whitening treatment ? A   Teeth Whitening in Wellington  is  generally done by using bleaches such as hydrogen peroxide. Bleaching is the best method to remove all the blemishes and stains of the teeth.  Crystal clear bright smile is the dream of every creature of the planet, thus most of the people getting a treat by the dentist for a beautiful smile . Reasons for pale yellow teeth Enamel, the outer layer of teeth converted in yellow shades which ultimately cause discolouration . There are several reasons for lemon-yellow teeth few are mentioned below :- Smoking is the major cause of pale yellow teeth. Tobacco is the top most reason for discolouration . Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, wine, canned juice gives rise to stain in our teeth. Few chronic diseases can also lead to weak and fade shade of teeth .


Too many medications are also responsible for discolouration of teeth, especially for children. Sometimes, by birth people have yellow teeth due to heredity. Accident and severe injury can also cause discolouration . The enamel layer is brutally broken and dentin layer which is quite dark is clearly visible. Discolouration of teeth is also a natural process after a certain age . Tooth Whitening treatment is applicable for everyone or not Dental Practice in Wellington is popular for its tooth Whitening surgeries because before treatment they examine the patient thoroughly. So, that, they will get to know whether treatment is perfect for the candidate or not. Teeth Whitening in Wellington is demanded by everyone but the dentist never allows everyone. People having sensitive teeth, periodontics, wearing pseudo enamel layer, and weak gums are not the perfect candidate for whitening treatment .


Source How long a tooth Whitening results last ? It depends on the patient’s lifestyle according to the  Dental Practice in Wellington   by the dentist. If a person maintains the oral hygiene and abolishes all the products which are responsible for discolouration , in such case treatment can be long-lasting. But if the patient was not serious about dental care in such case therapy is of very short duration. So, basically, it depends on the patient .

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