Why hunting wild pigs is a positive thing!

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Why hunting wild pigs is a positive thing While many frown upon the sport of hunting dismissing it as a past-time for the bloodthirsty there are just as many who enjoy the sport. They love nothing more than grabbing the hunting dog collar for their hunting dog and packing their hunting dog supplies into the gear bag and hitting the plains in search of wild pigs. Wild pig hunting is fast becoming a popular hunting pastime but it is little known that hunting wild pigs is also a positive thing to do. Read on to find out why 1. Crops Wild pigs are voracious eaters and they eat on a continual basis. Their favourite thing to eat in particular is corn and sugarcane and farmers all over the country can instantly tell when wild pigs have ravaged their crops. The cost in lost crops lost profits and in repairing the damage done by wild pigs mounts up and can cost a single farmer thousands of dollars. Their voracious eating results in the destruction of fences and cropland which causes further headaches for farmers. 2. Soil erosion Wild pigs are natural born rooters and diggers which is especially destructive to the soil and the soil ecosystems. Through their continuous digging and rooting soil erosion and soil loss is inevitable which has drastic effects on the quality of the soil in the area inhabited by the wild pigs. With their tendency for digging wild pigs create huge numbers of holes in the area that they cross. These holes can cripple agricultural livestock as well as animals in the natural habitat. It can also cause injury to farmers and others passing through the area. 3. Small animals Wild pigs are also known to feed on small animals and mammals such as reptiles and invertebrates. They also feed on small birds’ eggs meaning that any small animal or bird that crosses their path is at risk. This can have a detrimental effect on the natural wildlife and can also result in the depletion of many native species. 4. Diseases Wild pigs are carriers of many different types of diseases that are harmful to both humans and to other animals. By fouling the wetlands and trekking diseases such as foot and mouth disease and Japanese encephalitis across the plains wild pigs are dangerous disease carriers. For these reasons hunting wild pigs can be considered a public service and with more awareness wild pig hunting may come more acceptable to the masses.

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