How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed for your Dog

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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed for your Dog If you’re like most people you’ll agree that there’s probably little else sweeter than falling into a comfy bed after a long day. That’s the primary reason why we take such extra care when choosing our bed our mattress and our bedding. For the same reasons we like to choose the best bedding for ourselves the same attention to detail should be given when choosing a bed for your dog. When the time comes to go shopping for your dog’s bed you will be surprised at the wide variety of products available from dog beds to dog bed covers Since choosing the right bedding can seem like a bit of a minefield we have put together some advice on how to choose the right dog bed for your furry friend.

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1. Dog Beds On first inspection you may be overwhelmed at the sheer selection of dog beds available. There is literally a dog bed for every type and size of dog. There are even dog beds that match your home interior if you are so inclined Make sure to choose a good quality sturdy dog bed – one that will stand the test of time. This is especially important if your dog is a chewer or likes to play with its bed. The last thing that you want to be doing is buying a new dog bed every month It is also important that the bed is washable whether that means it can be popped into the washing machine or can be easily washed down with a cloth. 2. Dog bed filling When choosing a dog bed pay particular attention to the dog bed filling. Cheaper synthetic fillings can become lump and create bare spots which will not only be uncomfortable but will also and more worryingly cause hip and joint problems in your dog over time. A filling that contours your dog such as memory foam is a good choice as it offers support springiness and comfort. 3. Dog Bed Covers A dog bed cover will ensure that your dog’s bed is comfortable warm and inviting. However in order to be able to control dirt and smells it is also important that the dog bed cover is washable. Covers for smaller and medium sized dog beds should easily fit into the washing machine but larger versions may not. It is always a good idea to purchase a dog bed cover replacement so that you have a cover to put on while the other is being laundered. Your dog’s comfort should be just as important as your own. Man’s best friend will surely show his appreciation for your attention to his comfort For more information on dog bed cover replacement dog bed cover. Please visit :