How to Choose a Good Pig Hunting Knife

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If you are an avid pig hunter, you will know only too well the importance of a good pig-hunting knife.


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How to Choose a Good Pig Hunting Knife If you are an avid pig hunter you will know only too well the importance of a good pig-hunting knife. Even if you are new to this sport you will be advised as to the important part your pig-hunting knife will play in a successful hunt. Your hunting knife is the thing that separates a quick clean dispatch from a chaotic and even dangerous experience. For that reason you should be aware of what to look out for when choosing a pig-hunting knife to add to your knife roll. 1. Comfort It’s important that your pig-hunting knife feels comfortable in your hand. If it doesn’t then it can affect how you handle it and you will never feel 100 happy with it. Make sure to pick up and handle as many different types of pig hunting knives until you find one that is comfortable in your hand. 2. Size Generally speaking a pig-hunting knife should be in the range of six to ten inches in size. Any smaller and your knife will not be effective when you go in for the final kill. If your hunting knife is too big then it won’t feel comfortable either in your hand on your side or in your canvas knife roll. 3. Blade Nothing will dull your hunting knife quicker than the bristles of a hog. For that reason you should choose a hog-hunting knife that has a heavier blade that is capable of holding a good edge. Also a stainless steel or surgical steel blade is the best choice as it can be easily cleaned with less risk of rusting if you can’t wash it with soap and water immediately. 4. Handle The handle of your hunting knife is very important as it is what will determine how you hold it and how you perform with it. Most pig hunters advise that a hunting knife should have a thumb rest. The thumb rest is important as it prevents your thumb slipping when dispatching your pig or when gutting and skinning afterwards. A slanting thumb rest with a ridged detail is the most effective at preventing thumb slippage.

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5. Sheath The sheath is an important part of the right pig-hunting knife. The sheath should be comfortable to wear as well as being able to withstand a lot of abuse. Most importantly it should be able to hold your pig-hunting knife securely in place as you move swiftly after your target. While there are some important points to consider when choosing a good pig-hunting knife remember that personal preference will also play a major part so consider those too. For more information knife roll canvas knife roll. Please visit :