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Creating Games Using Scratch eTwinning PROJECT: Creating Games Using Scratch Hello,dear partners!We are glad to meet everyone!Let'spresent our selves


OANA Hello.My name is Oana , I am 1 2 years old and I like punk and screamo music, movies and stuff. My favourite sport is basketball and my favourite colours are green, purple and turquoise. I like to watch skateboarding contests and my favourite subject is drawing , i like Games Using Scratch . . I think this is all. Bye 


ALEXANDRU Hi.I’m Alexandru . I am 1 2 years old. I live in VULCAN and I study in school number 5. I like to play basketball and skateboarding. I like Games Using Scratch , listening to punk music and my favourite bands are Escape the Fate and Fall Out Boy. My favourite subjects are English and Romanian. I think those are the most important things about me. See you. 

Maria :

Maria HI! My name is Mary, or Maria. I am 1 2 years old and I joined this project because I love English and I want to meet new people. Another reason is that I heard we were going to work with students from Italy. I have never been to Italy but hopefully I will go there someday. If I look around in my room I see: The element A: Britney Spears. She’s one of my favorite singers as well as Michael Jackson. The element B: My laptop. As you already know I love to get to know new people, so I chat a lot on the internet , i like Games Using Scratch . The element C: My cell phone. I am a phone freak! These elements make up the set called Mary. Lol!


ROBERT Hi! My name is Robert and I am 1 2 years old.I like the rock and punk music, shopping, my friends. My favorite colors are purple and blue. I love basketball and skatebording. Maybe I forgot to say but I also love Photoshop, Games Using Scratch , drawing and chocolate ice cream. Now..this is all . 


My name is STEFAN Live in VULCANi I love Hip-Hop I'am 11 years My hobby: Games Using Scratch swimming, basket


My name is EDUARD I love Hip-Hop I'am 11 years I have a sister My hobby: Games Using Scratch swimming, basket


I like listen to music fun My name is Giorgiana I have 11 years My hobby is Games Using Scratch coki , handball I love animals


My name is Diana , I like having fun and listening to music ,I like Games Using Scratch I am 11 years My favorite game is handball I love animals


My name is Cosmin Live in vulcan I like basket and football I like HIP-HOP and Rap i like Games Using Scratch

Here is the end !!!:

Here is the end !!! I hope you enjoyed my introduction!!! Created by student:MARIA! !



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