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Title of Research Paper : 

Title of Research Paper Why are on-line products beneficial to consumers who are trying to “fit in” with what the world deems socially appealing? By Kevin York

Professional Biography : 

Professional Biography Schindler Elevator Corporation Sales Representative (2008- Present) Volt Technical Resources Sales Representative (2007-2008) IT and Engineering Recruiter (2006-2007) Education: University of Tennessee BA in Communication Studies (2002-2006)

Zenagen Case Study : 

Zenagen Case Study What is Zenagen? “hair care product that work biochemically on the most common causes of hair loss including the inhibition of the 5 alpha reeducates enzyme, DHT reduction, and other mechanisms discovered through extensive nutraceutical and biomedical research. The products are designed to be the most convenient and effective way for preventing and stopping hair loss in people experiencing hair loss with out the need of messy or alcohol based liquids, or a prescription” (www.zenagen.com).

Abstract : 

Abstract In recent years, social media has played a huge role on what society deems attractive. The Internet has made it more convenient for consumers to buy products online that they would normally feel too embarrassed to buy in a store. There are many theories that have developed based off of today’s society’s mindset on what is deemed appropriate for how people should look. With people wanting to conform to this particular mindset, the Internet has made it possible to do so, while letting entrepreneurs reap the benefits.

Research Questions : 

Research Questions 1.    Can someone’s appearance affect his or her well being?2. If a consumer shops online, will the Internet affect their future buying tendencies? 3.    How has social media increased on-line sales?

Literature Review : 

Literature Review Conformity Theory Adjusting one’s behavior or thinking to match those of other people or a group standard. Social Judgment Theory A theory that a person receives a verbal or non-verbal message that they can either accept of reject that message based off of their individual opinion on a scale of importance. Time Value of Money Theory A financial concept that states that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future.

Literature Review Continued : 

Literature Review Continued What others are saying about the Conformity theory. Conformity Theory One study confirmed that attractive people were perceived more favorably compared to unattractive people. Another article confirmed that people act a certain way to achieve social approval. Finally, one author stated and referred to conformity as a “survival mechanism.”

Literature Review Continued : 

Literature Review Continued What others were saying about the Social Judgment Theory theory. Social Judgment Theory One Study concluded that good looking people have greater social benefits based on their physical appearance or attractiveness. Another study stated that someone’s reputation is critical for an individual or in an organization because they lay the foundation of an individual’s status.

Literature Review Continued : 

Literature Review Continued What others are saying about Time Value of Money Theory. Time Value of Money Theory One author examined that spending time rather than money lead to the Rational Choice Theory which came into play when making a decision. Another study concluded that if a customer spends more time researching the product they have a higher chance of overall satisfaction with the product.

Hypothesis Development : 

Hypothesis Development Hypothesis 1: If a consumer uses Zenagen, will they have more self-confidence in themselves? Hypothesis 2: If entrepreneurs create products that are sold online, will their revenue increase due to the convenience and conformity of shopping from home, rather than in person at a store?

Research Design : 

Research Design Variables Men Age Race Personality Family Hair History Salary

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