7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan - Day 7

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Day 7 of the 7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan. Free email course available at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7


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7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan Day 7 of 7 Incorporate stories into everyday conversation

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WELCOME TO DAY 7 You’ve learned how to ⊗ Add emotional context ⊗ Relate emotionally ⊗ Use expression and delivery ⊗ Come up with interesting ways to talk about normal events 2

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Tell a story about anything but I want you to use all of the elements youve learned over the last seven days in your stories. 3

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Keep Practicing HAPPY STORYTELLING. - Set alarms in your phone for every 3 hours. - When the alarm goes off tell a story to the next person you see. Want to go further Check out the 45 day course prelaunch course At http://pickupdaily.net/courses/Story45 Stay Awesome - Duke - 4

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THANKS Any questions You can find me at: dukedelaet dukepickupdaily.net Find out more about the Storyteller’s Action Plan at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7 5

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