7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan - Day 2

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Day 2 of the 7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan. Free email course available at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7


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7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan Day 2 of 7 How to not look like a try-hard

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IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT ⊗ We’re constantly trying to control how everyone else sees us. ⊗ Convincing other people that you’re cool never works 2

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Fitting in is the worst thing you can do to be cool at best and straight up sociopathic at worst. 3

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Logic is Try-Hard. Stop making sense. Stop making sense. Seriously. Real communication is about emotions. DE-THIRSTIFY Find the Emotional Details Appealing to the senses is a great way to connect to emotions. Stories are the way we connect Stories are how we connect to big ideas and we can feel a story when it’s told well. 4

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“If you want somebody else to completely believe in your idea you must make them believe that it was their own idea all along. - Douglas Van Praet 5

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What kind of things do you try to convince people of Write some of these down in the workbook. CONNECT EMOTIONALLY Tell A Story Write down a story from your past. Use emotional detail. 6

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Day 3 is NEARLY HERE IT’S GOING TO BE EMOTIONAL - Write down some stories you logicize all the time. - Write down a story from your past rich with emotional detail. Connect without being a Try-Hard. Connect Emotionally - Duke - 7

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THANKS Any questions You can find me at: dukedelaet dukepickupdaily.net Find out more about the Storyteller’s Action Plan at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7 8

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