7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan - Day 1

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Day 1 of the 7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan. Free email course available at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7


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7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan Day 1 of 7 How to stop running out of sht to say

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WHY DO I FEEL SO AWKWARD ⊗ I went out on dates ⊗ The conversation was BORING ⊗ I didn’t get laid or find the woman of my dreams. ⊗ Well they were still in my dreams but that’s the only place they showed up. Find out more about the 7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7 2

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No sex. No connection not even a new friend who I could sneakily try to date her friends. Nothing. Just a giant pile of awkwardness and reasonably sized plate of nachos. 3

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We’re Not in the Headspace We spend a lot of the day NOT communicating so sometimes we have to kick it into gear. WHY DO WE RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY We’re not keeping it real Trying to manage our impression in other people’s minds takes up a lot of mental resources. We’re Uncomfortable with Silence We lose validation when the other party doesn’t immediately validate what we’re saying. 4

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Practice the material over and over again until the content gets internalized through a process called calibration 5

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Plan Ahead Come up with stories to tell. Use common questions or interesting events. HOW TO FIX MENTAL BLOCKS IN CONVERSATION Practice the Skill Find 2 people to tell stories to by the time you start the next lesson 6

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Day 2 is COMING GET STARTED. - Write down some stories you can tell. - Tell 2 people before tomorrow’s lesson. Stop running out of shit to say. To your free-flowing mouth - Duke - 7

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THANKS Any questions You can find me at: dukedelaet dukepickupdaily.net Find out more about the Storyteller’s Action Plan at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7 8

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