7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan - A Warm Welcome

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Welcome Message of the 7 Day Storyteller's Action Plan. Free email course available at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7


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The 7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE FOLLOW ALONG IN THE WORKBOOK The Workbook called “The 7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan - Workbook.pdf” is included in the course. Check the Workbook folder in the downloaded course or see the course homepage in the Web Classroom. WATCH THE VIDEOS There’s 1 video for each day. The content in the videos mirror the modules in the included eBook for the course. More info on the 7 Day Storytelling Action Plan at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7 2

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I am Duke DeLaet Welcome to the 7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan Course I’m glad to have you here and over the next week we’ll be working together to build your real-time skill of storytelling to help you in attracting new partners and showing your best traits. WHAT’S UP BADASS 3

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WHO AM I Let’s get this sht out of the way

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WHO AM I ⊗ I’m Duke DeLaet and I’ve been in the professional dating coach industry for 4 years. ⊗ I teach live workshops on getting and going on dates for Men all over the world. ⊗ As complicated as dating can be I’ve realized that there are very few resources on conversational skills that focus on captivating potential partners. Men in my workshops are constantly asking me What do I say next I keep running out of stuff to say and then the conversation goes awkward Similarly they’ll ask “How do I show her how badass I am so she’ll choose me or chase me”. Yeah yeah… stand confident take up a lot of space talk about common interests. Great but the pickup and dating community has little to say about the SKILL of just straight up talking. . 5

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How do I show her I’m Badass so she’ll choose me or chase me 6

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STORYTELLING I’ve developed my own framework for creating human connections that truly focus on who you are and I’d love to share these tools and strategies with you so that you can make your dating life straight fire. 7

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There’s no time like now. GET STARTED. Day 1 of the storytelling course is next up. Thank you so much for signing up and I’m so happy to start to help you develop your storytelling skills. Date Better. - Duke - 8

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THANKS You can find me at: dukedelaet dukepickupdaily.net Any questions 9 More on the 7 Day Storyteller’s Action Plan at http://pickupdaily.net/storytellers7

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Special thanks to all the internet people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ⊗ Content by Duke DeLaet and Pickup Daily LLC. ⊗ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ⊗ Photographs by Unsplash CREDITS 10

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