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Your website should be accessible so that it is used by more number of users. Ensure that your website opens immediately in the browser so that the user need not wait for a long time. You can decrease the download time of your website by avoiding unwanted elements in your website. Limit the use of images, graphics and other visual elements. All these elements may increase the size of the file to be downloaded. Your web developer can optimise the tag and script file size. Visit our site and know about how our web developers strive hard to make your website accessible. https://www.digitalseo.in/web-designing-company-chennai/contact/


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Do you know that website design is a continuous process? You have to track the site’s performance and its attributes regularly


Make the webpage simple and easy to understand. This would improve the usability of a website and makes it comfortable for users


Make use of just two font styles for your site. Using many font styles may affect the readability of the web pages


Do not just stop with adding beautiful pictures to your website. Make your website interactive informative for the users


Limit the visual elements of the responsive website design . This would help to improve the user's attention, and they would understand the information easier


Include pictures to convey relevant information. Website users are not interested in the lengthy texts as it makes them feel bored


The wordpress website design to be mobile-friendly. Today people browse through the sites on the mobile rather than using laptops and desktops


Do not clutter your website with too many adverts. Include only one pop up advert so that the website information is readable


Limit the contents of your webpage. Try to separate the contents into columns which increase the readability for the users


Make use of bulleted points for highlighting important aspects on your homepage. This would help to capture user's attention


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