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Human trafficking revealed:

Human trafficking revealed By: Gabrielle Steers

Overview :

Overview My project is on the study of human trafficking in the world today as well as the roots and history of trafficking. I will also discuss the statistics of human trafficking in Asia, Africa, Europe and in the Americas.


WHAT IS HUMAN TRAFFICKING? Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. It involves recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring, or the receiving of persons by means of threat use of force, fraud or other forms of coercion, to gain power over another individual for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern day version of slavery.

Introduction to human trafficking:

Introduction to human trafficking Throughout the world the growing issue of human trafficking is leading to an extensive amount of problems other than the obvious criminal issue. Human trafficking can be found in relatively any country and not just those trapped by poverty. Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the world. People that are normally misled or tricked into human trafficking. Most are bought and sold so they can pay off family and their own debts. Most come from the slums or are kidnapped and forced into human trafficking. Some voluntarily go into human trafficking to pay off debts with no other way of making money. They don’t know going into it though that the traffickers tend to keep most of the money made which makes getting out of it even harder

Interesting facts:

Interesting facts There are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history. Human trafficking not only involves sex and labor, but people are also trafficked for organ harvesting. 30,000 victims die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect from human trafficking. A single sex slave can earn her pimp at least $250,000 a year. Over 50% of human trafficking victims are children. Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video is about human trafficking. In the video, Gaga is trafficked by a Russian bathhouse into sex slavery.

Introduction continued:

Introduction continued Children who are involved in human trafficking tend to be more likely to develop mental health issues which sometimes leads to the abuse of substances the engaging in prostitution as adults, and either committing or being victimized by violent crimes later in life. Women who have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation usually have a significantly higher rate of HIV and other STDs, tuberculosis, and permanent damage to their reproductive systems. . Individuals victimized by trafficking normally keep quiet and don't get help because they think that they or their families will be harmed by their traffickers, or that they will be deported. The girls tend to be between the ages of 10-15. Most of the girls have not even reached the age of menstruation, and sadly many don’t even know what sex is.

History of Human trafficking:

History of Human trafficking Trafficking has been around for many, many years, From the buying and selling of slaves and concubines by kings, to the more recent trafficking industry. Some say that the trading of slaves from Africa to the Americas was the first form of human trafficking. Others say that it was the forced child labor in the 1700s, but it is obvious that human trafficking was started much earlier then that. Though the African slave trade wasn’t the first time human trafficking occurred, it was one of the most horrific. With over 20 million people transported in terrible conditions and at least 20% of the people transported died. “white slavery” was the term that first recognized human trafficking. Early on human trafficking was just accepted and not really recognized as a criminal act. Now a days they are finding ways to prevent this injustice from happening.

Statistics worldwide:

Statistics worldwide 12.3 million adults and children are forced into labor at any given time. 80% of human trafficking victoms are woman and girls. Estimated annual profit from trafficking for sexual exploitation alone is $27.8 billion worldwide. Global ratio of human trafficking is 1.8 for every 1000. approximately 80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation, and 19% involves labor exploitation. Around half of trafficking victims in the world are under the age of 18.

Statistics continued:

Statistics continued 68% of female sex trafficking victims meet the clinical criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder. 161 countries are reported to be affected by human trafficking. it is also reported that people are trafficked from 127 countries to be exploited in 137 countries, affecting every continent and every type of economy. An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year. Many trafficking victims have at least middle-level education

Trafficking in Asia:

Trafficking in Asia 1.4 million – 56% - are in Asia and the Pacific . Three out of every thousand inhabitants in Asia are forced into trafficking. Asian pacific countries are ranked as a tier three. ( the U.S department of state report categorizes countries into risk classes from one to three, tier one are countries that have trafficking problems but fully comply with the trafficking victims protection acts. Tier two are countries that don’t fully comply and tier three are countries that don’t comply at all, and don’t make any efforts to either.) Countries in Asia with the highest rate of human trafficking are Cambodia, Yunnan Province in China, Laos, and Thailand. Japan has the largest sex industry for Asian women with over 100,000 female sex workers. Many of them are Thais and Filipino. New Zealand is used by traffickers as a departure point for Japan. Though most countries is Asia have a high trafficking rate, most human trafficking takes place within India. Almost two hundred and fifty thousand people are trafficked from here every year.

Human trafficking in the Americas:

Human trafficking in the Americas Between 14,500 and 17,500 people are taken from their countries and homes, and brought to the United States every year. Between 100,000 and 300,000 children in America are victims of sex trafficking each year. Since 2001 there have been an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 sex slaves in the U.S. New York is the largest transit and destination point in America for human trafficking. Other entry points for the US are primarily the borders of Canada and Mexico. The US government has made one of the strongest attempts to get rid of human trafficking. The US created the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, which basically reinforced the old laws, created stricter laws for those involved in trafficking and helped those who have been harmed by trafficking. Metro San Francisco, Metro New York, Northern Midwest, the Northeast and the Southeast have the highest rate of trafficking in the U.S.

Human trafficking in Africa:

Human trafficking in Africa There are between 28000 and 38000 children sexually exploited and trafficked in South Africa. Parents, and primarily the mothers of those children are among the primary traffickers of children. Human trafficking is the third highest criminally organized profit generation, behind only drug and gun running. South Africa is one of the main destinations for human trafficking in that region. Many woman and children are lured there with promises of jobs, education and better living, but they end up being forced into sexual slavery. As of now there are no laws that focus on the prevention of human trafficking. Because there are no laws that focus on preventing human trafficking not many statistics are known about the trafficking issue in Africa.

Human Trafficking in Europe :

Human Trafficking in Europe Eastern European countries tend to be source countries or countries that harbor women and children until they are to be trafficked into neighboring European countries or into the United States. 700,000 women are trafficked to western Europe every year. European trafficking organizations make a yearly profit of $3 billion dollars. 140,000 are currently victims of human trafficking in Europe. With the break up of the soviet union unemployment started to rise, forcing people to look for jobs elsewhere which eventually lead to drastic measures like prostitution and human trafficking. The three main reasons that human trafficking is so prominent in this region are; Lack of economic opportunities, Organized crime, and the Orphanage system.

European trafficking route:

European trafficking route

Harmful effects on those victimized:

Harmful effects on those victimized Many that have been involved in trafficking reported that they had at least one of the following symptoms; dizzy spells, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, and stomach or abdominal. Most reported headaches as the worst physical symptom; this physical pain probably comes from blows to the head or neck, Sexually transmitted diseases are very common. Unwanted pregnancies often occur. Irreversible emotional damage occurs in almost all victims of trafficking. Victims tend to have bodily damage due to drug use . Loss of vital years of the victims life that can’t b e replaced is probably the worst effect, many victims are brought into trafficking early on in life and the years that would usually be dedicated to childhood and maturing go to learning how to stay alive and survive.

Fighting Trafficking:

Fighting Trafficking The first to combat any type of trafficking was the British when in 1807 they made laws against slavery which made the Transatlantic slave trade illegal. After Britain, the U.S also made slave trade illegal in 1820. In 2000, the U.S passed the United Nations Protocol against Trafficking in Persons, this made all forms of human trafficking (not just sexual trafficking) illegal. The U.S. has started multiple anti-trafficking programs to assist countries in fighting human trafficking. Estonia’s parliament passed laws banning any form of human trafficking. Many groups are commercializing the horrific truth about trafficking via internet, television and public speaking which helps inform people and show them how they can help and prevent more men, woman and children from being put through this. Many organizations have been formed which go out, and put the criminals who traffic in jail and bring justice to those individuals they harmed.


Taken The film taken is a great example of the horrific truth of trafficking. After having his daughter kidnapped while on a trip to Europe, a brave father is forced to track her down to save her life, as she is trafficked across France.


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