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Visit: www.dsksic.com/video_game | One of such video game colleges is DSK Supinfogame. At DSK Supinfogame, you will find full time trainers from Europe and India with vast industry experience. These trainers provide lectures followed by practical exercises that help students to know better about video game designing. DSK Supinfogame is one of the video game schools where you can learn game designing and see the world enjoy your creation.


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DSKSIC Courses In Video Game Designing and Development www.dsksic.com/video_game

DSKSIC Courses in Game Programming:

DSKSIC Courses in Game Programming DSK Supinfogame is a well known game design school in India that offers professional courses in video game design, Game Art and Game Programming. This institute has designed a full-time course for students who want to make it big in video game industry. At DSK Supinfogame, students are first trained on the basics of video game and then taken to a level of mastering and inventing their own video games. The foundation and advanced level courses at DSK Supinfogame comprises of learning the techniques and tools used for designing a game. Further the students are evaluated on the basis of their performances and also get to attend internships and workshops which help them to know different aspects of working in the industry. On the completion of video game design course at DSK Supinfogame , students are awarded with a certification recognized by the French government and by the industry worldwide. This game design school is a top international institute in India which has experienced trainers from Europe and India. Game design is a passion, a creative field which can morph into a spectacularly successful career with right guidance and knowledge. At DSK Supinfogame, your own creations will take you places! www.dsksic.com/video_game

Course Structure:

Course Structure Foundation Course - 3 years The two year Foundation Course enables students to acquire the basic knowledge they need to take a professional approach to video game production: General education (the arts, psychology, theory of images, etc.) Learning about the industry and the specific trades within it Developing a knowledge of videogames and an ability to analyze them Design, communication and teamwork techniques Basic organization and management techniques www.dsksic.com/video_game

Course Structure:

Course Structure Advanced Course - 2 years During the advanced course, students gain a deeper knowledge of the techniques and skills required for game design and videogame production management: Mastery of the mechanisms of Game Design Practical use of production techniques Supplementary teaching: law, film analysis, ergonomics, marketing, etc. Individual or group projects The final year is mostly dedicated to the achievement of a team project (pre-production and prototyping of a game) www.dsksic.com/video_game


Evaluation Continuous assessment and quarterly exams for students Internal panel at the end of the foundation course A minimum overall average of 60% must be obtained in each year course Ratification by a panel of international and national professional experts during the 4th year. www.dsksic.com/video_game

Distinctive Features:

Distinctive Features Full-time trainers from Europe and India with rich industry experience One of the best international Video Game Design institute in India Lectures followed up by practical exercises ( over 1000 hours an year) Conferences and talks by experts from the Video Game industry Importance of individual and group work ( access to equipment outside lessons) Training & First-Hand Information of the latest Software Packages & Technologies used in the Industry Intensive weeks dedicated to designing and producing projects. www.dsksic.com/video_game


Certification Certificate by the National commission for professional certification (CNCP) On successful completion of the Video Game Design course from DSK Supinfogame, the student is awarded with a Certificate in Game Design and Production Management. www.dsksic.com/video_game


Internship It is mandatory for our students to undertake two internships; a three months internship in first year of the advance course and a six months internship in the second year of the advance course. At these internships, students get chance to work in companies and get a firsthand experience of how the industry works. They interact with professional Game Designers and production managers and learn about the functioning of the company. The students assist the designers at the company. At many occasions they are allotted short term projects which may be a part of major on-going projects. All this, gives our students a very healthy exposure and prepares them to take on the industry as Game designers themselves. www.dsksic.com/video_game


Workshop The workshops held at DSK Supinfogame, are open interactive sessions, where professionals from the industry are invited. In these sessions students get a chance to ask questions and clear doubts regarding the working of the professional world. www.dsksic.com/video_game

Contact Us:

Contact Us DSK Supinfocom International Campus Survey 54,55, Tarwadi, near Loni Toll naka, Pune-Solapur road Pune - 412 308, Maharashtra, India Tel: 91- 020-66784310/11 [email protected] www.dsksic.com/video_game

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