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Visit: | Nowadays, there are only a few best animation institutes in India that offer you this curriculum. DSK Supinfocom, the only international animation designing school in India provides you this curriculum along with the best well qualified faculties of world class standards. The animation course here gives you distinct training with respect to the industrial standards unlike the others. Moreover, the institute provides you with all the modern technologies and high-end equipments. Therefore, students who want to make a bright career in animation, DSK Supinfocom is the only right place for you.


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PowerPoint Presentation: Career in Animation Study in the Best Animation School for a Fulfilling Career as an Animator

Careers in Animation: Careers in Animation The careers in animation are reaching new heights since animation has become an integral part of almost all the industries. The days are gone when candidates would flock towards the conventional job opportunities. Today, candidates are more experimental and try to explore various career opportunities that are made open to them by booming industries. These days, video game designing and industrial designing are two major streams which are attracting student's attention. These fields offer students with great career opportunities with a wide range of job offers across the industry. One of the most basic requirements of any institute is well trained faculties. At DSK Supinfocom , all the faculties are not only well trained but possess international qualifications. Along with trainers, the effective curriculum designed by this institute help students learn the courses with a different viewpoint. Also, the best quality equipment help students in learning and developing supreme quality designs and artworks. The institute is further fully-fledged with most recent software, journals, project DVD’s library, and other facilities. DSK Supinfocom being the best animation institute in India offers you with top animation courses, video game programming, and industrial designing. Hence, if you have that creative factor and want to make a foray into the world of creativity, this is an ideal school you would be looking for.

Job Prospects: Job Prospects What are my job prospects? Studios need qualified artists and technicians: The most artistically inclined graduates are sought after for project development and pre-production. The most technically inclined graduates are sought after as technical directors (TD's) in different fields. In order to work abroad it is helpful to have acquired a solid experience (2 years minimum) in a reputable Indian studio.

Job Prospects: Job Prospects At what positions can I get recruited? Graduates willing to work in large studios are recruited in the asset creation branch (modeling, texturing, preliminary lighting), as riggers, animators, lighting Technical Directors 's, in the pre-production department as concept artists, story-boarders, layout artists, in the VFX branch as digital painters, dynamics Technical Directors's, or the compositing department. Graduates sometimes prefer working in smaller studios where they end up doing a little of everything.

Career Path: Career Path What is the ideal career path? DSK Supinfocom students can get recruited by a big international studio in India. One can get placed at a first supervisor level and then apply for a foreign studio, or get a higher position in a smaller Indian studio (Art Director, Technical Director), which could be a springboard to becoming either a Commercial Director or a Production Manager.

Campus Life: Campus Life DSK Supinfocom International Campus DSK Supinfocom is an ultramodern campus located in Pune, providing the ideal ambience for development of creativity and enriched learning. The school is equipped with the latest technology to bring out the best in every individual and transform them into true professionals. Students are offered a residential package which includes: accommodation in semi-furnished single occupancy rooms, cafeteria, laundry services, Wi-Fi internet, and healthcare service. Other facilities in the campus include a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a recreational area, indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Campus Life: Campus Life Culture Supinfocom, Pune follows the same culture as Supinfocom, France. It's the passion, hard work and freedom of the students that drives their studies. Students are aware about 'art' as a medium and are completely involved in creating and experimenting with it. During the 5 years of the course, students lead to become Animation film directors. The 3 years of Foundation Course helps students to become strong in drawing and traditional animation i.e. 2D. The 2 years of the Advanced Course familiarizes students with 3D piece of work i.e. photorealistic images and 3D movies. In Supinfocom, students try to combine their skill with passion and creativity. The courses are designed in a way that they help in the development of each student in every sphere of their professional life. The students adopt techniques the trainers demonstrate, in their assignments. They are given enough scope for experimenting and thinking 'out of the box.'

Contact Us: Contact Us DSK Supinfocom International Campus Survey 54,55, Tarwadi, near Loni Toll naka, Pune-Solapur road Pune - 412 308, Maharashtra, India Tel: 91- 020-66784310/11 [email protected]

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