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The USA top Healthcare Service provider company Diskriter has built innovative medical coding software tools. These tools solve Medical Coding Services audits process and provide accurate RCM Data of medical coding. The medical coding solutions are empowered by State-of-the-Art-technology for trained professional. Visit us-


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M e d i c a l C o d i n g By Diskriter

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MEDICAL CODING SERVICES Medical and health organizations can’t afford to support backlogs and miscoding as these will have a ripple effect on the performances of the medical practitioners which is least desirable. Inappropriate coding practices and high attrition rate leads to claim denials drying cash flow as well as shrinking settlements that rubs off on other strategic departments of the Healthcare organizations leading to mismanagement and unproductivity.

slide 3: Out-patient Coding Surgical Services Diagnostic Services Physical Occupational and Speech Therapies Emergency Departments and Clinics Therapeutic Recreation Ancillary Services Ambulatory Surgery We have the knack for out-patient coding in the following fields.

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We Provide We provide a comprehensively tailored medical coding solutions and medical coding services as per your specific requirement. No matter what your needs are we cater them effectively as well as efficiently. Full-time or Part-time coders On-Site or Remote Coders Long-Term or Temporary Coders

slide 5: Coding Compliance And Reimbursement Audits Diskriter can help you in reviewing accounts for accuracy and completeness and to identify errors in data that may fail edits and flags claims for correction. Examples include- Incompatible Dates of Service Nonspecific or Inaccurate Diagnosis and Procedure Codes Lack of Medical Necessity and Inaccurate Revenue Code Assignment MS-DRGs CMGs APCs RAC Assessment and Preparation Compliance Auditing

slide 6: Revenue Cycle Management Revenue Cycle Management is a cornerstone of HIM services. Our Services Include- Inpatient and Outpatient Coding MS-DRG Case Mix Analysis Medical Coding Edit Resolution Medical Billing Process Review and Edit Resolution Interim Coverage Vacation Relief Temporary Vacancies FMLA Rehabilitation/LTAC/Acute IP/OP IRF-PAI Assessments

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T h a n k s F o r V i s i t i n g U s Contact us- 8002421622

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