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Know about Dr. Vinay Rawlani, an artist, plastic surgeon, and serial entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. He awarded for many projects.


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Age Is Just A Number In Case Of Entrepreneurs: Be It 19 Years Or Be It 65 Years What is the right age to be an entrepreneur Which is better to be an entrepreneur young or old Are people born as entrepreneurs or do they learn to be one Can people without business backgrounds be entrepreneurs Take risks and innovate Grow yourself along with your business “Entrepreneur” is usually what every youngster wishes to be. It represents innovation creativity and it is believed to be a path to the riches. Is dressing in a suit represents an entrepreneur or wearing a simple hoodie with lame jeans and messy hair does the job The Comparison The founder of Facebook started his venture at the age of 19 years old in his college dorm room while the founder of KFC started at the age of 65 years even after being depressed. These along with many others prove that age is just a number the passion is everything. People without business backgrounds can be e.g entrepreneur Dr Vinay Rawlani. Being in a non-business field does not restrict him from being an entrepreneur.

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The Mindset A large number of people feel that starting a new venture is for the younger generation because people have more free time less responsibilities and energy to change the world while it is not always true. The older generation has more experience capital knowledge and understanding of the business tactics and other aspects which enables them to have a better chance of success than the younger generation. Starting early may sometimes result in negative outcomes because of lack of knowledge in the respective field. The general structure is to work for others in your 20s work for yourself in your 30s and work for your family in your 40s and 50s. After that other people should work for you while you rest in your retirement. Entrepreneurs tend to prove the above structure wrong and follow one structure i.e. be passionate about what you work for love what you do and you will never have to work in your entire life. Work should be entertaining for yourself and not sadden you. It should be something that makes you happy in the morning and gives you peace in the night. The Monument and its Pillars

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One should always enter business after learning the basics and with a desire to learn pivot as per the needs and requirements. A rigid mind does not go far. The challenge is not to start a business venture but to sustain it. Entrepreneurs focus on building a team who will work as pillars of the business. They should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the business and should stay firm in case of calamities. A good team helps a business to grow and success in its field. Conclusion Start your venture when you are ready to work towards building it from scratch and when you are focused enough to let it grow without getting bored or tired of it. Innovation leads to creation of something new which helps in changing the world on a positive path. For more details visit : more-attractive-just-because-the-prize-is-too-mesmerizing