Dr. Vinay Rawlani Likes Wildlife Photography

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Photography is such a subject that it interests everyone. Dr. Vinay Rawlani likes Wildlife Photography. Wildlife Photography is the best way to capture moments and make memories live forever.


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Wildlife Photography Helps to Capture Nature’s Best Moments Are you adventurous Do you love the Mother Nature Do you consider yourself a photographer Clicking candid pictures which turns out to be beautiful is the best feeling ever. Photography is the best way to capture moments and make memories live forever. There are many different genres of photography wildlife photography being the only one which clicks candid pictures of the Mother Nature. Beauty in Its Purest Form It is one of the most beautiful forms of photography because of its candid nature. It clicks beautiful pictures of animals being with their families hunting sitting idle/enjoying their home plants flowers huge trees different seasons like leaf-shedding

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in autumn flower growing in spring dew on leaves during rainy seasons and small crystals of ice in winters. The trees define the meaning of beauty by being so still so simple and so pure. It encourages philosophy and feelings of calmness. A flower growing and a leave shedding are considered to be the most beautiful moment of all time. People practice such a form because it helps them observe and understand the various activities of an animal in different life conditions. Animals depict such calmness when they are left undisturbed with their families how they arrange for food how they feed their young ones and how they move around in their home the wildlife is something which needs to be seen at least once in a lifetime. Why People Are Interested In This Form of Photography Photography is such a subject that it interests everyone. People love to click their own photographs and pictures of their friends to capture life moments and preserve memories. This habit of people has evolved photography from a habit to a profession and nowadays photographers are highly paid individuals. There are many forms of photography but the most beautiful one as mentioned above is wildlife photography. Almost everyone loves nature and clicking images of nature is just one good time pass for many. Dr. Vinay Rawlani and many other professionals of different fields are extremely interested in this

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form and love to be a part of this community whenever and wherever possible. Challenges in Wildlife Photography It is the process of documenting various forms of wildlife in their purest form. It is considered to be the most challenging because of the various challenges and dangers associated with it such as:  Risks of wild animals’ attacks  Animals are difficult to approach

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 Requires technical skills  Requires observational skills  Requires patience  It is not always easily accessible  Requires courage  The person needs to be adventurous  Requires stalking skills  Requires specialist equipments Individuals are so interested in photography nowadays that there are hundreds of mobile applications developed with millions of features and effects. It lets them click real-time images and share it on social media right away.

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Technology has evolved to great extents and so are photography equipments. The development of various types of lens tripods and cameras has led to various features which enable professionals to click the best photograph possible. The process has been made so easy and the cameras so small that it has become possible for individuals to take cameras on trips and click amazing images of wildlife and capture its beauty. Professionals are expected to capture and formulate a meaning or depict a situation in the square frame of a photograph. A great wildlife photograph is also the result of being in the right place at the right time capturing the right moment.