,The Basics of Pre-employment Drug Testing

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The basics of pre-employment drug testing:

The basics of pre-employment drug testing


Aside from other pre-employment screening procedures, have you ever been required to undergo a pre-employment drug testing? It is true for almost every company that during job application, it is a compliance that every applicant must go through a pre-employment drug testing.


The use of prohibited drugs as well as drug abuse has been a dilemma in the society ever since, and it is getting worse by the moment. No such thing has a place in the working environment. No individual is capable of working well under the influence of prohibited drugs and substance abuse.


Privacy is observed during drug testing in the workplace. Before every pre-employment drug testing is conducted, the company is obliged to notify the applicant. More importantly, the result is disclosed exclusively to the person of authority.


Pre-employment drug testing is vital especially to certain jobs like aviation, transportation, defense, and safety, despite that it is not yet mandatory to conduct such screening. There are really just jobs which requires an extra responsibility towards the public's safety and security.


In case that you are uncertain about your rights as an applicant, you can always turn to the respective authorities just so to be clear with the matter. On the other hand, if you have no idea on how a drug test is conducted, you can always check it with Drug Abuse Control in order to help you.


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