How Well Do you Know Drug Addiction

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Most drugs influence the cerebrum's reward circuit by flooding it with the chemical messenger called dopamine. For more details, visit Follow us and get updated Follow us and get updated Youtube- Twitter- Facebook-


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How Well Do you Know Drug Addiction:

How Well Do you Know Drug Addiction


It is a basic knowledge that drugs are addicting, in fact there are a lot of people who are dependent on using drugs. However, others just can't understand how or why other individuals can't stop taking drugs when all they can do is just put an end to it.


Drug addiction changes how a person thinks making it harder for them to quit drugs. Fortunately, there is a study on how drugs affect the cerebrum and enable users to recover from addiction. Also, drug addiction is viewed as a chronic disease as it is hard to control.


Drugs contain a certain chemical called dopamine that affects the cerebrum's reward circuit. It is responsible why an individual feel delight and pleasure among things and it causes the person to keep taking the repeatedly.


Uncontrollable use of drugs can damage the cerebrum, changing an individual's restrain on taking drugs. It acclimates the overuse of dopamine by making less of it and reducing the capacity of the cells to react less.


Over use of drugs causes an individual's brain function to decrease, eventually affecting stress, decision making, memory and behavior. On the other hand, It's common for a patient to relapse because the treatment needs to be continuous and well adjusted for the patient. However, it does not mean that the treatment is not working.


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