Reasons Why Instant Drug Test at Public School Shouldn't be Permitted


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Know here the reason why instant drug test at public schools shouldn't be permitted. For more detais about instant drug test visit or contact us at email us at [email protected] Phone: (800) 366-5029 Connect us:


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Reasons Why Instant Drug Test at Public Schools Shouldnt Be Permitted

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• There are certain issues that control instant drug test at public schools and it all started during the administration of George W . Bush. There are funds that were given to schools for the procedure as an anti-drug measure.

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Drug tests must have boundaries on what they are testing for • The school might perform drug tests on the students on which they believe that the students are taking. Unfortunately the test has been set for restriction of the drug that is going to be tested if the student is not taking that certain drug but has been also taking other drugs still the result would be a negative and is therefore useless.

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Drinking water can trick the test • Two liters of water is capable of giving inaccurate results to the drug test.

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Students will still continue taking drugs even with risk and danger of testing • Students will get reprimanded by usually losing extracurricular activities in which they might have given up already before testing or they are not even involved in making the punishment of no use.

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Random testing at public schools can be costly • Instead of using the money for the drug testing there are other things which are far more essential for the school developing extracurricular activities school equipment and buildings. Besides unproductive testing will just increase the financial tension of the school.

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