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Your family’s health and safety is your responsibility, and you must take action to protect it, no matter the consequences. Here's some tips on how you can control drug abuse at home with the use of home drug test kits.


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STEP 1: APPROACH YOUR LOVED ONE WITH EVIDENCE ● Write down three to five reasons you want to drug test your loved one and then confront him or her with your evidence and questions.

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STEP 2: ADMINISTER HOME DRUG TESTING DEVICE TO CONFIRM RESULTS Stay in the room and monitor the testing. It may be awkward or uncomfortable but this will prevent diluting or substituting that could cause inaccurate test results.

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RESULTS WILL BE SEEN WITHIN 10 MINUTES. ● Be sure both of you sees the result. ● On the off chance that the test outcomes are "sure" dont blow up. Leave the room if essential to cool off. Be fair and open about your feelings. After cooling off discuss things with them about the issue.

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● If the test results are negative thank your loved one for the cooperation -- and whatever you do don’t apologize. Admit that you’re sorry the test was necessary and remind them that it’s your responsibility to protect them because they are important to you.

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● Take note that a single test doesn’t prove that they doesn’t use drugs. It may simply prove that they have not used drugs recently. Take another test if necessary. ● Your family’s health and safety is your responsibility and you must take action to protect it no matter the consequences.

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