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Ryan Kime wished to be a doctor at an early age and went through severe and prolonged sickness. That was the time when he decided to become a doctor to save lives. Find out more about him at his official site https://ryan-kime.com/


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Dr. Ryan Kime Medical Legal Business Consultant, Kime Medical Legal Consulting | B2B Copywriter & Medical Writer

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Aleksey Mendez has a commendable, well-diversified portfolio that speaks volume. He has an impeccable experience in Behavior-Based Safety, Workers Compensation Claim Management, EMR oversight and Root Cause Analysis and investigation of events leading to work injuries. 2

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Dr. Ryan Kime is a renowned professional doctor with great insight regarding his medical responsibilities. He is commended for his exceptional understanding of various aspects of his profession. 3

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Ryan J. Kime , MD is a well-known physician, author, medical advisor, and entrepreneur. He possesses amazing knowledge and has enhanced his skills through experiences of 20 years in which he has taken over exceptional positions. 4

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Back in 1995, Dr. Ryan Kime was privileged to be an EXCEL Scholar at Oxford University and continued to be active in 2004 in Indiana University Emergency Medicine Residency.   5

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Ryan J. Kime , MD won the Patient Satisfaction Award, Angels among US Award, St. Helena Hospital as a Special Recognition for Exemplary Patient Care in 2013. In order to use and identify abilities that are not only negotiable but unique to the profession, Ryan J. Kime worked with a number of doctors. 6

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Ryan Kime is able to connect with a huge audience through his admirable communication abilities. His Special Recognition and Awards comprise of Excellence Award, St. Joseph Health System - May 2011 (1 of only 2 physicians honored for exemplary bedside care) and U.S. Congressional Certificate of Recognition, 17th Annual Survivor’s Reunion, 2010 . 7

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THANK YOU Find out more about him at his official site http://ryankime.net

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