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Ryan J. Kime, MD is a pro in terms of entrepreneurship and possesses expertise in terms of the development of the new businesses. He also possesses very strong presentation skills. He possesses amazing communication skills as well. To know more about him visit his official site https://ryan-kime.com/


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Dr. Ryan Kime Medical Legal Business Consultant, Kime Medical Legal Consulting

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Dr. Ryan Kime remained involved in Indiana University Emergency Medicine Residency back in 2004.

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As physicians, Ryan J. Kime , MD has a highly-specialized set of skills that are at first glance is not always transferable to other industries and businesses.

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He has worked with other physicians to help them discover and utilize their skillsets in ways that are not only transferable but invaluable to the businesses and companies they work with.

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Dr. Ryan Kime earnedPatient Satisfaction Awards, Angels Among Us Award, St. Helena Hospital as a Special Recognition for Exemplary Patient Care in 2013.

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Ryan J. Kime , MD was awarded “High-Flyer Award” for top Patient Satisfaction score in San Jose Medical Facility back in 2006. (Highest score among 250+ physicians. Ryan Kime went to A.B. – Lafayette College, Interdisciplinary Studies (Neuroscience) and he was a part of a class of 1997.

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Ryan Kime is known for designing his own major in his field and was the first one to do so at his college. His curriculum played a great role in devising the way forward.

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THANK YOU To know more about him visit his official site http://ryankime.net

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