Ethics, Politics and its effect on Health


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This presentation deals with ethics, politics and health.


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Ethics & Politics & Its Effect on Health Promotion : 

Ethics & Politics & Its Effect on Health Promotion Dr. Deryck D. Pattron Public Health & Safety Consultant 66 J Endeavour Extension Road, Chaguanas Trinidad, West Indies Email:[email protected]

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What is ethics and how is its related to politics and health promotion?

What is Ethics? : 

What is Ethics? Code of conduct Morality Good behaviour Decency Truthfulness Humanitarian

The Society of Health Education &Promotion Specialist code of conduct : 

The Society of Health Education &Promotion Specialist code of conduct Care Fair Share Respect for rights of others Truthfulness Avoid harm Confidentiality Report ___________________ Review the Society of Public Health Educators or SOPHE Code of Ethics and explain the relevance and usefullness of the six responsibilities of public health educators; public, profession, employers, health education, research and evaluation and professional preparation.

What are Ethical Principles? : 

What are Ethical Principles? Autonomy Beneficence Non-maleficence Justice

Autonomy? : 

Autonomy? Meaning self-rule Ability to make rational choices Ability to understand one’s environment Ability to act on one’s environment

Beneficence & non-maleficence : 

Beneficence & non-maleficence Doing good Preventing and avoiding evil or harm Common good is often put before individual good

Justice : 

Justice Respect for individual rights Fair distribution of scarce resources Following morally acceptable laws Telling the truth

What is politics? : 

What is politics? Study of the distribution and effects of power in society __________________ Power is defined as access to and availability of men, money and materials, and also cultural and psychological aspects

Politics of health promotion : 

Politics of health promotion Individualistic approach Participatory approach Collective approach

Individualistic Approach : 

Individualistic Approach Individuals are responsible for their own health Everyone has equal resources

Participatory approach : 

Participatory approach Beliefs Attitudes Knowledge Active partner in health Autonomy

Collective approach : 

Collective approach Understanding the process Assisting people to develop skills Identifying problems as shared responsibilities

Political intent & Content of Health Promotion : 

Political intent & Content of Health Promotion The intent of health promotion is political The content of health promotion is neutral ________________ Should poverty and unemployment be part of an agenda for health promotion?

Health Promotion Priorities for the 21st century : 

Health Promotion Priorities for the 21st century The Jakarta Conference (WHO, 1997) Urbanization Demography Chronic disease Sedentary lifestyle Resistance to antibiotics Substance abuse Violence Communicable disease Environmental degradation Globalization

Conclusions : 

Conclusions Ethics and politics are interrelated in most societies, worldwide Ethics deals with mortality and perceived justice and equity of resources and availability of opportunities for all Politics deals with power and distribution of goods and services Politics often influence ethics and serves as a health determinant Ethnic minorities and socially displaced individuals and communities are most at risk.

References : 

References Bunton R 1992 Health Promotion as social policy. In: Bunton R, Macdonald G (eds) Health promotion: disciplines and diversity. Routledge, London. Doxiadis S (ed) 1987 Ethical dilemmas in health promotion. Wiley, Chichester. George V, Wilding P 1994 Walfare and idealogy. Harvester Wheatsheaf, Hemel Hempstead. Gillon R 1985 Philosphical medical ethics. Wiley, Chichester. An accessible introduction to ethics in medicine with numerous case studies. Seedhouse D 1988 Ethics: the heart of health care. Wiley, Chichester.

Critical Thinking : 

Critical Thinking Examine a health promotion programme. Does this programme incorporate the following principles: Self-esteem and autonomy Prejudice and discrimination Social, economic and environmental determinants of health Exercise of informed choice and influence Sustainability Communication Health promoting process and methods

Critical Thinking : 

Critical Thinking Consider the following health topics. How do they rank in terms of importance to health? Which are the most politically sensitive? Which have been the subject of health education and promotion campaigns? Coronary heart disease Poverty Homelessness Asthma Unemployment Accidents Mental ill health Poor housing

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