Visit en La Republica Dominicana

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Visita en La Republica Dominicana:

Visita en La Republica Dominicana

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Santiago de los Cabelleros

Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao:

Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao Compañías aéreas que operan en el Aeropuerto Aeronaves Dominicanas- Aeropostal- Air Canadá- Air Comet- Air Santo Domingo- Air Transat- Air Turks and Caicos- American Airlines- American Eagle- Executive Air- Arkefly- Austrian Airlines- Belair- Blue Panorama Airlines- CanJet- Caribair- Condor- Continental Airlines- Corsairfly- Delta Air Lines- Edelweiss Air- EuroAtlantic Airways- Finnair- First Choice Airways- Iberworld- Jetairfly- LTU International- Martinai- Monarch Airlines- MyTravel Airways- North American Airlines- Novair- Servicios Aereos Profesionales- SkyKing- Turks and Caicos Airways- Skyservice

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Todo Inclusivo Villa Solo 40 RDS = $1

Voluntarios del Cuerpo de Paz:

Voluntarios del Cuerpo de Paz

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Los Caños de Maimon

Los Caños de Maimon:

Los Caños de Maimon

Los Comides:

Los Comides HOW TO MAKE A DOMINICAN SANCOCHO Ingredients: 4 pounds of chicken 2 pounds of pork chops 1 pound of "tocino" (salt pork, spanish sausage) 1.5 pound of goat meat 1 pound of sausage 4 large plaintain bananas 2 pounds of yucca (cassava,tapioca,manioc) 2 pounds of malanga 2 pounds of spanish pumpkin 2 pounds of sweet potatoes 5 corns on the cob 2 pounds of white yam (taro) 6 liters of water 1.5 tablespoon of oregano 5 coffe spoons of salt 2 tablespoon of "naranja agria" (these are oranges that are very, very sour) 2 green bell pepper (cut in four pieces) 1 medium size onion 1 coffe spoon of garlic (smashed) Some leaves of parsley Some leaves of cilantro 1 tablet of chicken bouillon 2 tablespoons of white vinegar Worcestershire sauce (English)

La Capitale:

La Capitale

Un Buen Hotel:

Un Buen Hotel

Los Guaguas:

Los Guaguas El Comedor Patron typico



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El Kiteboard!:

El Kiteboard!

Los Alpes del Caribe:

Los Alpes del Caribe Jarabacoa



Alte Gracia:

Alte Gracia

La Plantacion:

La Plantacion

A Dios Quisqueya…:

A Dios Quisqueya…

…a la Proxima!:

…a la Proxima!