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Do you know how brain tumor is most dangerous for us? Read this article and get aware of 10 signs of brain tumor that should not be ignored.


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10 SIGNS OF BRAIN TUMOR – YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE The formation of abnormal cells within the brain of a person can cause conditions of a brain tumor. Brain tumors consist of two types of tumors — • Malignant tumors which are cancerous • Benign tumors which are non-cancerous Further cancerous tumors are of two types of primary tumors that occur within the brain and secondary tumors that arise from somewhere else also called brain metastasis tumors. According to Wikipedia the occurrence rate of Secondary or metastasis brain tumors are about four times than primary brain tumors whereas about half of metastases occur due to lung cancer. Further it says Primary brain tumors make up less than 2 of cancer by occurring in about 250000 people throughout the world each year. Children who are in their early teens brain tumors are the most common form of cancer after acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Causes of brain tumors consist of exposure to vinyl chloride or ionizing radiation. Besides it can be due to some inherited conditions like tuberous sclerosis neoplasia neurofibromatosis type 2 multiple endocrine neoplasias or von Hippel-Lindau disease. Also if you have celiac disease then you have more chances of developing a brain tumor. Brain tumor treatment includes chemotherapy radiation therapy and surgery. Anticonvulsant medicine is helpful in cases of seizures. Further to decrease swelling dexamethasone and furosemide medicines are useful. Tumors that grow gradually only need monitoring without any other intervention.

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WHAT ARE THE COMMON SIGNS OF BRAIN TUMOR Symptoms of a brain tumor vary depending upon the involved part of the brain. You can identify the brain tumor before going to any brain specialist in hospital. Though common symptoms can be vision problems seizures mental changes vomiting or headaches a headache that occurs can give more trouble in the morning and often goes after vomiting. Other symptoms can be speech problems difficulty in walking or sensations. On the progression of the disease a person can also be unconscious. HEADACHES Brain tumor headache differs from tension or migraine headache. Like if you are having morning headaches these may be indicating the presence of a brain tumor. Brain tumor headaches also change in severity. SEIZURES A person with a brain tumor may experience different types of seizures such as: • Myoclonic: In this patient have muscle twitches spasms or jerks. • Gland mall or tonic-clonic: In this condition one goes through the loss of consciousness losing control of body functions losing breath for 30 seconds or changing of skin color. After seizures one may feel sleepy confusion numbness weakness sore muscles and headaches. • Sensory: One may feel the change in vision hearing sensation or smell. • Complex partial: A person can lose partial or total awareness and consciousness. MEMORY PROBLEM In the condition of a brain tumor you often have memory loss. The cause of memory loss is due to the occurrence of tumors or by treatment like chemotherapy surgery or radiation therapy. Most people have short term memory loss. VOMITING OR NAUSEA Growth of tumor inside at a point at skull blocks the flow of fluid or presses the brain tissue. Due to this increased intracranial pressureICP it causes nausea in a person. FATIGUE A person in a brain tumor may have fatigue by which a person can have the following conditions: • Complete exhaustion can persist for most or all the time. • Weakness can occur to make your limbs feel heavy. • A feeling of Sleepiness can persist in the middle of the day. • Difficulty to focus on tasks. DROWSINESS If having a brain tumor you can feel drowsy unable to think or confusing. Also it can indicate early symptoms of a brain tumor if sudden depression and anxiety occur.

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PROBLEM IN SLEEPING Sleep problems like insomnia hyposomnia or sleep disturbances can persist in the condition of a brain tumor. DIFFICULTY TO WALK OR DO DAILY TASKS When having a brain tumor it causes weakness. Eventually a person feels harder to complete simple daily household tasks and even get exhausted after walking for a small distance. BEHAVIOUR CHANGE A patient can have Behavior and thinking changes due to brain tumors. It can cause sudden mood swings and emotional outbursts too. LACTATION IN WOMEN For women secretion of breast milk can occur if they are suffering from a brain tumor. Moreover they can also have altered menstrual periods. NARAD HOSPITAL – BEST HOSPITAL FOR BRAIN TUMOR TREATMENT Narad Hospital is one of the advanced and topmost hospitals for the treatment of a brain tumor. Our in house amenities are helpful for patients requiring ultrasound X-ray CT scan and general laboratory for tests. Moreover we have all the facilities in our trauma centre to treat patients in an emergency. We ensure comprehensive treatment at our intensive care unit to save the valuable life of patients with a brain tumor. Our brain doctors in the hospital have a good understanding of the signs mentioned above to do counselling with patients for their safety. Narad hospital is a symbol of hope for those in despair by brain tumors to avail the right treatment under the care of responsible doctors and nurses. If you are doubtful of a brain tumor or experiencing symptoms of a brain tumor immediately meet our expert brain specialist in hospital for your treatment. We are a foremost brain tumor hospital working for the health and wellness of patients suffering from a brain tumor.

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