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Chiropractic Adjustment Dr. Monica Scott Getting adjusted is an excellent way to boost your immune system and to relieve stress! Also, while you’re here for your adjustment, I can get you sorted with vitamins and herbs to strengthen your system as a whole; keeping you in top shape.


Office hours will continue as usual, and I’ll be here supporting the community through this season! There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Chiropractic Adjustments help if you have neck pain or headaches. Of course. I feel like we all know that. But why would someone get adjusted if they do not have pain? It is because the adjustment supports the overall alignment of the spine and encourages optimal posture.


We stretch our limbs and exercise even if we have no pain or injuries, because it is good for the overall functionality of the muscles and joints. Getting adjusted is a great way to improve performance or output in a sport. It also prevents injuries.


As a personal preference, I like to get adjusted every week. It is time effective and cost effective since I don't have time for an hour long massage every week, even though I would love it! (And no matter how good the massage, it won't move a bone that is out of alignment back into place!)   While taking extra cleaning precautions, my office will continue to be open, as scheduled. Helping to improve your immunity and wellbeing with each adjustment!


I have had a few patients book this week, specifically since they now have some extra time for self-care and healing ! I love getting to see people walk out of my office feeling lighter and even more joyful than when they came in.


For all the time we spend slouching over, working at computers and driving, it's so important to stretch your neck! Our discs are the cartilage between the bones. If we do not move around and stretch, the discs get squashed. Like the pillows on your couch if you always sit in the same place. I do this stretch almost every time I adjust someone and my patients love it! Dr. Monica Scott Address: 881 Dover Dr.  Suite 210, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Text: 9494269611 Website: Social Media: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: YouTube: