Dr. Mac Powell Describes 10 Ways to Increase Motivation

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Dr. Mac Powell lists and describes ten ways to increase motivation in your daily life.


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KNOW YOU ARE VALUABLE If you dont believe you are valuable you are more likely to quit. Focus on boosting self-belief and getting rid of self-doubt. You have unique gifts to share focus on your intention to fulfill your dreams.

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GET RID OF SUCCESS MYTHS Dont let success myths deter you. Forget the myths about having to be more gifted than average to be prosperous. You have what it takes just keep moving toward your goals.

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DEFINE YOUR AIM You must acknowledge and understand what you wish for before you can get it. Everyone tries to achieve their dreams differently but underneath those pursuits should be the desire to find happiness and contentment. Define your dream using as few words as possible and get straight to the point.

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VISUALIZE YOUR SUCCESS Its no mistake that people who cant see themselves reaching their goals dont succeed. Try picturing your dream coming true to reinforce beliefs about whats possible. Practice visualization to encourage and motivate yourself.

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CREATE STEPS Create steps to your dream each should help you advance in some way. Work backwards and start the journey in your mind. Jot your thoughts in a notebook and organize your path to success.

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MAKE RULES TO KEEP YOU GOING The passage to your dream might not be straightforward. Be ready to deal with changes but create rules to inspire you and keep you going. Set guidelines before setbacks happen to help build your resilience.

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CELEBRATE ACHIEVEMENTS One day youll look back on the journey to success and realize its significance. The steps you take are part of your achievement appreciate them and rejoice in little victories.

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LEARN FROM SETBACKS You will make mistakes and face problems. Sometimes arrangements will go awry and unanticipated circumstances will challenge you. Accept that you will face setbacks and learn from them.

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CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE SUPPORTING VICTORY Surround yourself with helpful and supportive individuals. Network with experts and make valuable contacts. Take a moment to consider your environment and think about how you can improve it to better serve your needs.

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TALK YOURSELF INTO SUCCEEDING It is essential to manage your mind and talk yourself into achieving your target. You can learn to disengage from critical thoughts with meditation and positive affirmation. Unwanted and negative thoughts will decrease as you get closer to your objective.

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Dr. Mac Powell has been in numerous leadership roles including as the President of John F. Kennedy University. Dr. Mac Powell has written over 100 articles on the importance of higher- education and performance and has dedicated his life to improving the community around him.

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