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introducing POWERPOINT 2011:

a tour of new features introducing POWERPOINT 2011

PowerPoint Presentation:

Enhancing Y our Presentation We have features for every step of the way 1 Author Your Presentation 2 Enrich Your Presentation 3 Share Your Presentation

Author Your Presentation:

Author Your Presentation Design and organize 1

Getting Started with Templates:

Use sample templates to kick-off your presentation and focus on the content (you’re viewing one right now!) You don’t have to start from scratch. If you need help with a status report or ideas for a photo album, look no further . Getting Started with Templates

PowerPoint Presentation:

Organize with Sections Too much information? Divide and conquer a large presentation by organizing your presentation with sections. You can name, print, and apply effects to an entire section easily.

Enrich Your Presentation:

2 Enrich Your Presentation Stylize, edit, and animate your media


It’s not just about the visuals, but strengthening YOUR MESSAGE.

New Picture Effects:

Picture Color , Corrections , Artistic Filters , and Background Removal allow you to customize images for your story New Picture Effects

Movie Perfect:

You can do a lot more with movies in PowerPoint 2011. Movies can be embedded in your presentation. That’s right, no more lost movies! Also, you can r e c o l o r the entire movie or apply a movie style easily. Your movies will look great! Movie Perfect

What about the beautiful transitions you’ve been seeing? :

What about the beautiful transitions you’ve been seeing? Exciting new transitions They are new too.

Share Your Presentation:

3 Share Your Presentation View your slides from anywhere!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Simultaneous edits on one single document. No more waiting your turn or managing multiple versions. It’s about team work, and co-authoring will get you there. Collaboration

Access Anywhere:

Check out the PowerPoint Web App Access slides wherever you are Access Anywhere

PowerPoint Presentation:

What’s Your Message? POWERPOINT 2011