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the state Zulia Section : C-511 English V Teacher : Doris Molero Andres Duque C.I:20.577.204 David Basabe C.I:20.280.984 Arianna Barreto C.I:20.860.947 Maracaibo 2 Dec ember 2011

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1.- About me Andrés Duque 2.-unit 1. P eople in Zulia 3.-Unit 2. Zulia Food 4,. Reflection 5 .-About me A rianna Barreto 6 .- Unit 3. Zulia mysteries 7 .-Unit 4. T rends in Zulia 8 .- Reflection 9.-About me David Basabe 110.-unit 5. Zulia errands and neighborhood 11.-Unit 6. S chool life Zulia 12.-Reflections 13.-Reflexion group . C ontents

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A b o u t m e my pl anes People In My Life mom girlfriend gossips urbanization safe haunted house in Indio Mara Fo od unpleasant crunchy erra nds food pay excellent mys tery neighbo rhood noise incredible pride money travel funny Andres Duque 20 years Future engineer the En glish good education the best open ing roa ds scho ol life Likes / Dislike mem ories happy

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People in Zulia Luis Aparicio ( Ricardo Cepeda Pablo Perez Rafael María Baralt

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Zulia Food pabellon El Bohio Del Lago Huevo Chimbo La Estancia sweet hot and spicy expensive family bo n ap pe tit

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Crunchy Sticky sour andresduque20.blogspot.com/ Ref lect ion

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David Basabe About Me #20 I Like I Hate Sweet Let’s Eat Crunchy Unsolved Myteries My Trends Buttery My Dreams Bermuda’s Triangle People in my life Student Life In My Neighborhood

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Unit 5: In My Neighborhood Quite I Live With My Parents Go to Urbe Errands Pick up my Brothers at school Wash The Dishes Do My Homework Get Out The Trash

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Unit 6: My Student Life Trimestry University Califications 7 Blocks Valid Titles on USA & Canada Our Radio & Tv Technology

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Reflection I Learned More about the English I met a new Teacher of english I Learned about the technology Level 5

About me Arianna Barreto:

About me Arianna Barreto Unit3 Mistery Unit1 Relatinoships Unit 2 Food Unit4 Family trends Unit5 Home Unit6 Future plans Arianna Barreto

Description of URBE:

Description of URBE blocks diverse career right engineering Accounting good students

errands Zulia is commonly performed::

errands Zulia is commonly performed: go to the pharmacy buy at the supermarket go to repair the car go to the bank

My English 5:

My English 5 The future belongs to those who are still learning. Reflection

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