Tapestries are a blend of efficiency an art

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Weaving has always been a part of every culture no matter what and so have been the tapestries. Weaving is a traditional form of art and efficiency. The tapestries are a blend of efficiency an art.


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Tapestries are a blend of efficiency an art Most of the people are aware of Tapestries but they are not aware of its name or what it is called. This can be a great decorating piece if hanged at the wall of your living room.

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Tapestry is a form of textile art which is found in castles, high quality museums and monasteries these days.

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Those people who are not aware of this art form, they feel mesmerized while discovering the art.

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It is weaved in a canvas where the artisan can weave anything he or she imagines.

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It has one of the most unique techniques but the outcomes of this weaving process are an amazing piece of tapestry or just let’s say ‘beauty’.

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T apestries are a form of art and art means to express, therefore, it holds great similarity with painting.

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It is a pictorial art but the difference being, it is done on a large scale. If you check on the history of tapestries, you will find out many of the tapestry artisans are a great painter It holds so much of similarity with painting because it needs an imagination and shape to everything. Though it can be abstract but abstract yet has its own in the head of the painter or artist.

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