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How To Prevent Heart Attack - By Dr.Gokhale:

How To Prevent Heart Attack - By Dr.Gokhale Website: PART-1 Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale Heart & Lung Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad, India


Preventing Heart Attack: Heart attacks happen because of narrowing and closure of blood vessels that take blood to the heart . This is also called ischemic heart disease. This is due to the deposition of cholesterol and other fats in the walls of blood vessels by a process called atherosclerosis . Ischemic heart disease (also called coronary artery disease) cripples and kills tens of thousands of people all over India every year. It has now assumed epidemic proportions. Heart diseases in our region grew by 300% in the last 30 years and are still growing by 2-3% every year. Experts project that by 2015 one million people under the age of 40 will die from this disease and 60% of heart patients in the world are likely to be in India . Website:


Non-modifiable Risk Factors of Heart Disease The three factors that are out of our control are: Age Gender Genetics and Family history Age Heart disease risk increases as we age. Men 45 and older and women 55 and older are at increased risk. Unfortunately, we cannot undo the ravages of age. A potion that keeps us perpetually young is yet to be discovered . Website:


Gender Heart disease manifests itself in women seven to 10 years later than in men. It is because natural hormones in women give some level of protection from heart disease before menopause . But after menopause, women are as vulnerable as men to heart disease. We have to accept sex and the risk associated with it as beyond our control. Website:


Genetics and Family History Indians are more prone for ischemic heart disease . In addition, heart disease sometimes can run in families. Family history means having a father or brother who had heart disease before 55, or a mother or sister who had heart disease before 65. Since we cannot choose our parents or siblings, we cannot wish away family history. Even if one has uncontrollable risk factors, it doesn't mean that one should reconcile oneself to fate or destiny and keep quiet . One can minimize risk by learning about controllable risk factors and controlling them Website:


It is also perhaps because they don’t feel or see heart disease , which is a gradual, life-long process. Because of breathtaking advances in medicine and technology, people with heart disease are living longer and leading more productive lives . We can prevent the progression of the disease or the occurrence of clinically significant disease with modern treatments . Website:


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