Summer Tips To Stay Healthy By Dr.Gokhale

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Dr Gokhale suggests you some health tips to stay healthy this summer.


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Summer Tips to Stay Healthy By Dr.Gokhale Dr. Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale Chief Cardiothoracic , Transplant & Minimal Access Cardiac Surgeon Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills


Summer Tips to Stay Healthy By Dr.Gokhale Stay Hydrated and Cool this Summer : Men should drink around 3l and women should drink 2.2l per day. Sun Light: Protect yourself from exposing to sun light by using sunscreens to protect from UV rays. Limit your exposure to sun light, if necessary use a hat. Exercise: Schedule some time for fitness activities. These physical activities help you to keep your body fit and strong.


Summer Tips to Stay Healthy By Dr.Gokhale Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: Consuming seasonal fruits, vegetables, salads, water will help nourishing your body. Also include proteins. Summer Special: Spend summer time with your kids, family and friends. These special moments has a great impact in your life. Relax: Slow down your activities and reduce mental stress and pressure in this summer.


Summer Tips to Stay Healthy By Dr.Gokhale Summer Tea : Tea is an aromatic beverage with its antioxidants helps in reducing health risks and increase immunity. Try including different flavored teas like lemon, ginger etc. Supplements: Vitamin and Mineral supplements really do well in boosting energy, immune system. They turn bad diet into a healthy diet. They are not a food substitute, but to be taken after the food as guide by your medical practitioner.


Summer Tips to Stay Healthy By Dr.Gokhale Spiritual Awakening: Begin your day incorporating new activities and interests that gives you time to relax, read etc. Plan for a vacation or check web for new ideas. Above all, enjoy yourself the most with nature, spending time with family, getting completely relaxed.


Summer Tips to Stay Healthy By Dr.Gokhale


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