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Read what patients have to tell about Dr Gokhale, one of the Best Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Hyderabad and his treatments, surgical procedures and patience in treating patients.


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Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale:

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale Dr. Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale First Surgeon in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to do Heart Transplant, First Lung Transplant & First Minimal Access Bypass Surgery.

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale:

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale Hello I am Ramana Rao from Vijayawada. I am having heart problem since three years but from past two years I suffered a lot. I have been to so many hospitals but I didn’t find remedy for this. Then one of my friends suggested me to consult Dr. Gokhale for heart transplant surgery. I consulted Dr.Gokhale and he suggested me to go for heart transplant surgery. After surgery now I am very fine. It became two months. On Nov 3rd, 2010 I got Heart transplant operation. Now I am doing well. Ramana Rao

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale:

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale It was a day 13th August I had a mild stroke at 1.40 pm. By evening I had to rush to hospital where investigations confirmed that I am prone for Heart attack. The hospital I joined said I should go for a bypass. But my friend Aravind from USA suggested me to go for MICS ( Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery - a latest one in the recent years.)I found Dr Gokhale' s works is well known in the world as an MICS specialist.(seen in his web ). Dr Gokhale is a very simple person reaches out to any one and clears patients' fear and at once we feel that we got a right doctor and in safe hands. I am a business manager in oil-gas sector. My aim in writing this much is to tell my experience to all so it helps any one in such a fear and confusion where to go. Mr. Rangachary

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale:

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale I am Vani I have heart problem it got enlarged and blood pumping used to be very difficult because of that even if I do small work also I used to get breathing problem. I have consulted so many doctors and they told me there is no other solution other than heart transplant surgery. Then I consulted Dr. Gokhale and got prepared for Heart Transplant Surgery. I am very happy and now I able to do my work by my own. Vani

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale:

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale My father Gali Narsimha Swamy, Advocate is very active person who is always ready to take up any task from small household task to his professional task anytime in a day. M y father is having some heart problem in a advanced stage and needs a major surgery. Fortunately, we came to know about Dr.Gokhale as my sister Dr.Shravani worked as a DMO in Yashoda Hospital. After knowing about miracles done and many historical achievements of Dr.Gokhale, even before surgery we were pretty sure that my father will be perfectly alright after surgery as he is in safe hands of Dr.Gokhale. Thanks a lot to Dr.Gokhale and his team. No words to express our gratitude to you sir. To say in one word, Dr.Gokhale sir is God to us. I pray god to give more strength and support to Dr.Gokhale and his team in saving many more lives and adding smiles to many more families. Thank you once again sir!!! Gali Narsimha Swamy

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale:

Patient Testimonials - Dr.Gokhale N. Ramanadh from Secunderabad - I am having Heart problem from past 12 Years . So I made some investigation to find out which is the safe hospital and procedure including surgeon. Then we came here along with my wife and had a detailed talk with chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale and he convinced us what is good for us now. N Ramanadh

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Patient’s Photo Gallery

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Meet Dr Gokhale on Social Media

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Contact Dr Gokhale Dr. Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad Behind Harihara Kalabhavan S.P. Road, Secunderabad Telangana - Andhra Pradesh- 500 003 India Days Available & Timings: Mon-Fri 10am - 5:00pm  Contact Number(s): 040 27713333 - Ext 8026/9603040506  Emergency Number(s): 9603040506 For any questions / enquires, you can  Ask Doctor .

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