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1 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz Current Affairs Quiz May 2015 .Chia – Cofuius i the “hados eleased the Vie Pesidet of Idia o st Ma.Its Autho is A. Smt. Heena Dubey B. Smt. Poonam Surie C. Sri Anand Sinha D. Sri Pankaj Kumar 2.Name the Indian winner of the Whitley Award 2015 that get awrd for his work to protect the iconic Great Indian Bustard in the Thar Desert. A. Dr. Yash Kapoor B. Dr. Pramod Patil C. Dr. Ananda Kumar D. Dr.Rishi Khanna .Nae the Wie out of the Woes Wold Tea Chess Chapioship held in China. A. Georgia B. Spain C. China D. Turkey 4.Name the Indo-Feh Naal Eeise that oluded o d Ma A. VARUNA B. YUDHABHYAAS C. GARUN D. NAVIKYUDHA A. SHASHTARA .Wolds lagest sola photo -voltaic plant of 750 MW in to be built in Rewa district of which state A. Madhya Pradesh B. Gujarat C. Rajasthan D. Assam 6.Name the Syrian journalist honoured with UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2015. A.Philip Joseph B.Mazen Darwish

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2 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz C Matteo Romi D Steve henry 7.Which team clinched 5th National Hockey Championship title A. Hockey Jharkhand B. Madhya Pradesh hockey Academy C. Punjab team D. Railways 8.International Buddha Poornima day was eleated o….. A. MAY 3 B. MAY 4 C. MAY 6 B. MAY 8 9.World Asthma Day is being observed on ____. A. May 4 B. May 5 C. May 11 D. May 3 10.Name the Oscar-iig ite of Daes With Woles oel ho died ith cancer. A. Michael Blake B. Rohn Morie C. Roni Samhill D. Praveen Kumar .Toet Phaa auies ……… stake i g Phaa. A. 10 B. 50 C. 75 D. 100 .BHEL oissios GVKs Hdo poe pojet i _______ A. Uttarakhand B. Bihar C. Gujarat D. Karnataka .Coeial Moto Diig Taiig Programme with Self Defense Skills for Woe to e ogaized N“KFDC. epad N“KFDC. A. National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Corporation B. National Safai Karamcharis Fitness and Development Corporation

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3 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz C. National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Committee D. National Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Council 14.India and Iran signed a MOU for developing which port in iran A. Port of Sohar B. Port of Chabahar C. Port of Hajira D. Gwadar Port .Idia As issile AK ASH with range of 25 km is _________ A. Surface to Sea Missile B. Air to Air Missile C. Surface to Air Missile D. Sea to surface Missile .Idias ak i Gloal tael Touis A. 52 B. 68 C. 94 D. 110 . Idia aked ……….. i Mothes Ide A. 109th B. 116th C. 90th D. 140 th . Nae the distit ags UN Puli “eie Aad fo ope defeatio fee distit in country. A. Nadia B. Darjeeling C. Howrah D. Chennai 19. Who has been appointed as first RAW officer in UPSC A. Arvind Saxena B. Rahul Mishra C. Anoor Mittal D. Rajat Kapoor 20. Which team has emerged champions in the 19th Federation Cup national senior athletic championship A. Tamil Nadu

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4 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz B. Indian Army Team C. Indian Navy Team D. Kerala . Book titled Uelieale – Delhi to Islaaad is itte A. Prof Bhim Singh B. Sheela Dixit C. Amrita Sen D. Ravi Mehta 22. Name the latest Naval establishment of Indian Navy that was commissioned at Porbandar Gujarat by Anandiben Patel the Chief Minister of Gujarat . A. INS Vivekananda B. INS Mouraya C. INS Sardar Patel D. INS Rajguru 23. Who has became the youngest lawmaker of Britain at the age of 20 A. Mhairi Black B. Julie Watson C. Linda Murray D. Renji Root 24. Who won Spanish Grand Prix 2015 A.Hamilton murray B.Sebastian Vette C.Andy Smith D.Nico Rosberg .Whih Bak has eeged the ol Idia opa aog the olds iggest consumer financial services firms after giants like American Express Visa and Mastercard A.State Bank Of India B.ICICI Bank C.HDFC Bank D.IDBI Bank 26.Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the National Safety Council NSC A. Anuj Rana B. Anshul Jain C. K Satish Reddy D. Rakesh Suri

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5 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 27.Name the british-Idia ho has ee appoited as UKs eploet iiste. A. Swati Gupta B. Neeti Aggrawal C. Neha Sharma D. Priti Patel 28.Name the festival of Indian Culture inaugurated by President Pranab Mukherjee in Moscow. A. United Russia B. Namaste Russia C. Khushaal Russia D. Lovely Russia 29.Who has won hammer throw event in United States A. Kamalpreet Singh B. Harjeet Singh C. Manjit Singh D. Sukha Singh 30.Who has been appointed as SoftBank President A. Mohan Suri B. Arun Pudur C. Rahul Bansal D. Nikesh Arora 31.Name the novel for which bengali writer Neel mukherjee has won United Kigdos Eoe Aad fo est seod oel haig ash pize of pouds. A. Old lamps for new B. The Lives of Others C. Red sari D. Half Girlfriend 32.Which company had acquired UK based Harris Performance Products Ltd a motorcycle design and engineering firm. A. Michel Motors B. Eichel Motors C. Royal Motors D. Future Motors 33.To what number of nurses President Sri Pranab Mukherjee presented the national Floee Nightigale aads o the oasio of Iteatioal uses da o th may which is celebrated every year on the birthday of Florence Nightingale. A. 11

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6 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz B. 20 C. 35 D. 15 34.Name the Jnanpith Award 2000 and National Award 1996 winner famous bengali writer who passed away recently. A. Bani Basu B. Suchitra Bhattacharya C. Tilottama Majumder D. Pritama Thakur .Idias ‘ak i Hua Capital Ide is A. 112 B. 70 C. 100 D. 138 36.Which state has become the first ever state in the country to issue Soil Health Cards or SHC to the farmersa government initiative to all the farmers in the state A. Gujarat B. Uttar Pradesh C. Delhi D. Punjab 37.Who has won World school chess championshipU -15 A. Harika Dhronavalli B. Tejaswini Sagar C. Deepika Rani D. Hema Sood 38.What percent of disinvestment has been approved in National Thermal Power Corporation Limited and Indian Oil Corporation by the Union Cabinet A. 5 10 B. 9 12 C. 8 10 D. 9 4 39.Name the rare fully warm-blooded fish that Scientists at United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA has discovered A. Alewife B. Opah C. Anchovy D. Oarfish

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7 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 40.Who has been appointed as New MD and CEO of Syndicate Bank A. Seema Malik B. Arun Shrivastava C. Kashdeep Singh D. Vijay Kapoor 41.Name the Indian shooter who has won bronze medal at ISSF world cup for the country. A. Jitu Rai B. Gagan Narang C. Apurvi Chandela D. Heena Sandhu 42.Name the Minister of State for Information Broadcasting who has inaugurated the India pavilion at the 68th Cannes Films festival A. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore B. Sumitra Mahajan C. Ram Vilas Paswan D. Shashi Tharoor 43. Name the person removed as from his position as the president of Boxing India on d Ma A. Sandeep Jajodia B. Amitabh Thakur C. Jay Kowli D. Rajesh Kanwal 44. Name the president of Kazakhstan re-eleted as the Pesidet o Ma A. Mr. Abdullah B. Nurusultan Nazarbayev C. Satken Daulenov D. Daniyal Kerimbayev . Nae the state that lauhed Niaaa a fee dug distiutio shee to oe whole state on 1st May 2015 A. Uttar Pradesh B. Assam C. Manipur D. Odisha

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8 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 46. In which country BRICS Under-17 Football Cup set to be held A. Brazil B. China C. Sri Lanka D. India 47. Who is the new Governor of Jharkhand appointed by the President of India on th Ma A. Droupadi Murmu B. Dr. Syed Ahmed C. Mr J P Rajkhowa D. Tathagatha Roy 48. Who is the new Governor of Tripura appointed by the President of India on 12th Ma A. V. Shanmuganthan B. Mr J P Rajkhowa C. Tathagatha Roy D. Dr Syed Ahmed 49. Which city will host the Indo-Global Pharma Expo and Summit 2015 scheduled to be held in July 2015 A. Lucknow B. Mumbai C. Pune D. Hyderabad 50. Name the award given by President for lifetime achievement in Classical Tamil to SV Shanmugam for 2011-12 and R Krishnamurthi for 2012-13 A. Tolkappiyar Award B. Kural Pitam Award C. Kural Awards D. None of these 51.How many agreements have been signed between India and China for bilateral cooperation in several areas including economy trade science and technology and culture A. 10 B. 12 C. 24 D. 18

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9 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz .Idia ad Chia has siged MoU o oopeatio i settig up of the Mahata Gadhi Natioal Istitute fo “kill Deelopet ad Etepeeuship i hih state A. Delhi B. Madhya Pradesh C. Gujarat D. Maharashtra 53.Name the Indian Channel with which China Central Television CCTV has signed an agreement for exchange of television programmes related to art culture and development. A. India today B. Star plus C. Doordarshan D. Colors 54.6th National Conference on Nuclear Energy held in A. New Delhi B. Mumbai C. Jaipur D. Banglore 55.How many agreements have been signed between India and Mongolia including an air services agreement and cyber security A. 14 B. 10 C. 24 D. 8 56.Name the capital and Currency of Mangolia. A. Ulaan bator and Togrok B. Launda and Kwanza C. Asmara and Telro D. Tripoli and Dinar 57.Which state has become the first ever state in the country to install postal ATM A. Gujarat B. Uttar Pradesh C. Delhi D. Bihar 58.Name the Capital And Currency of South Korea. A. Ulaan bator and Togrok B. Seoul and Won

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10 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz C. Asmara and Telro D. Tripoli and Dinar 59.How many agreements have been signed between India and South Korea to upgrade relations to special strategic partnership level A. 20 B. 10 C. 8 D. 7 .Nae the Vie Chaia of NITI Aaog ho has lauhed NITI Aaogs esite ‬ in New Delhi. A. Bibek Debroy B. V.K. Saraswat C. Arvind Panagariya D. Sindhushree Khullar 61.Which Bank has Launched Co- Branded Credit card in partnership with SBI Cards A.Yes Bank B.Federal Bank C.ICICI Bank D.IDBI Bank 62.Who has has been appointed as the chairman of a Joint Panel on the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill 2015 A.Manjinder Singh Maan B.Anunesh Arora C.Surendrajeet Singh Ahluwalia D.Ravi Rathore 63.Name the 22-year-old Delhi lad who has played the final of a clay court Challenger for the first time ever so No.1 among Indian men. A.Rohan Kapoor B.Amit Bhajpayee C.Yuki Bhambri D.Zirpa Ali 64.Name the last of the 4 anti-submarine warefare class stealth corvettes built for India that was launched under project 28 by Indian Navy. A.INS Kavaratti B.INS Kaveri C.INS Kushal D.INS Kanti

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11 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 65.Name the Scheme that Delhi government is planning to launch at designated stadiums or sport complexes with objective to promote sports for all age groups. A.Pay and Play B.Play And Win C.Come and Play D.Play for Health 66.Which Bank has signed a MoU with e-commerce player Amazon to develop payment and commerce solutions for customers and small businesses A.YES bank B.IDBI bank C.SBI bank D.PNB bank 67.Which has acquired Coherent Navigation a Bay Area Global Positioning System GPS startup in an apparent effort to boost its mapping technology and services A.Apple B.Xiaomi C.Samsung D.Nokiaank 68.MoU has been signed between RBI and which bank on exchange of information and mutual assistance in banking sector supervision. A.Central Bank of Seychelles B.People’s Bak of Chia C.Swiss Bank D.World Bank .“elet Idias ‘ak i Environmental Democracy Index out of total of 70 countries which is topped by Lithuania as per the list released by World Resources institute. A.26 th B.24th C.30th D.40 th 70.Select the Incorrect Match A.SBI- Amazon for payment B.SBI -PayPal for Custoer’s ease uyig produts fro oerseas esites. C.SBI – Snapdeal for funding MSMEs D.None of these

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12 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 71.Name the book written by Former Army Officer Arjit Singh on emotions and feelings of a soldier as witnessed through various events in indian history. A.Soldier B.Life of a Soldier C.Reflections of a Soldier D.Tribute of Soldier 72.IRCTC The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism corporation has partnerd with which website to offer deals to its customers 73.Veteran Bob Beldon has passed away at 58 was a A.Actor B.Economist C.Player D.Jazz Musician .Nae the state hih has suessfull ipleeted the shee Beti Bahao Beti Padhao apaig. A. Haryana B. Himachal Pradesh C. Rajasthan D. West Bengal 75.Name the fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force IAF which has attempted to practice using highways for emergency landings which successfully landed on the Yamuna Expressway near Mathura. A. Mirage-2000 B. Tejas C. MiG-20 D. Varuna. .Idia oes has lihed …… gold ad ……. sile edals at the AIBA Woes Junior/Youth World Boxing Championships on the final day of the event. A.two and three B.four and one C.three and two and two

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13 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 77.Which India movie directed by Neeraj Gaywan has won two awards FIPRESCI International Jury of Film Critics prize and Promising Future prize in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes Film Festival 2015 A.The Lunchbox B.Pk C.Masaan D.Bol 78.Who has been reelected as the Prime Minister of Israel A. Moshey katsaw B. Benjamin Netanyahu C. Shimon Peres D. Reuven Rivlin 79.Which firm has became the first ever Indian firm to win Global Metals Award PLATT“ fo leadeship i the ‘a Mateials ad Miig “etosat a futio i lo ndon 2015 A.NMDC National Mineral Development Corporation B.Hindustan Zinc Limited C.Vedanta Resource D.National Aluminium Company limited 80.Which bank of india has became the first ever to launch a voice recognition servicewhich authenticates customers based on their speech pattern and allows bank transactions through banks call centre. A.ICICI bank B.SBI Bank C.Federal Bank D.IDBI bank .Whih states CM has iauguated the Badhuss Wesite ad siged a Memorandum of Understanding MoU to set up a film city to boost the tourism A.Himachal Pradesh B.Assam C.Uttar Pradesh D.West Bengal 82.The first Environmental Democracy Index launched by Washington-based World Resources Institute WRI has topped by which country A. Panama B. Lithuania C. Hungary D. Russia

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14 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 83.Name the author former Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI Chairman of the ookThe Coplete “to of Idia ‘efos: G Poe ad Piate Etepie - A patitioes dia i hih he has aused Idias foe PM Maoh an singh being wrong in his activities A.Pradeep Baijwal B.S. S. Sodhi C.M. S. Verma D.Nripendra Misraussia 84.MUDRA bank has partnered with how many state and regional level coordinates to reach the last mile financiers for micro business A.5 B.15 C.20 D.19 85.Name the cricketer named as the CEAT International Cricketer of the Year 2015. A. Mahendra Singh Dhoni B. Kumar Sangakkara C. Rohit Sharma D. Virat Kohli 86.Name the youngest singer entry in Forbes most powerful women list 2015. A.Taylor Swift B.Rihanna C.Lady Gaga D.Katy Perry 87.Which sports team has launched by Kapil dev for Louis Philippe cup A.Cricket Team B.Football team C.Golf team D.Basketball team .Nae the Idias fist tasgede ollege piipal fo Kishaaga Woe College in West Bengal. A.Dipak K Kar B.Amala Banerjee C.Manabi Banopadhaya DRattan Lala Hangloo

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15 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz .Mhaa Gao Jagag Gaoou illage illuiated illage shee has ee launched by which state government in those villages where there is no power theft A.Uttar Pradesh B.Haryana C.Punjab D.Himachal Pradesh 90.Which insurance company has raised stake in state-owned Canara Bank by about 7.7 per cent through preferential allotment of shares and Bank of Baroda BOB by buying 4.7 crore shares from the open market A. NICL B. UIIC C. LIC D. NIACL 91.Name the Indian-origin diplomat who has been appointed by Singapore as envoy to Sri Lanka. A.S Chandra Das . B.Mukul Banerjee C.Udit Narayan D.Aadesh Rana .Who has ee soed i as e Nigeias pesidet A.Goodluck Jonathan B.Olusegun Obasanjo C.Muhammadu Buhari D.Shehu Shagari 93.The Reserve Bank of India released on its website draft Guidelines on NSFR .Expand NSFR. A.Net Stable Funding Ratio B.Non Stable Funding Ratio C.Net Stable Funding Rate D.Net Sale Funding Ratio 94.Name the Renowned Hindustani vocalist who has refused to accept the “ahaskaa aad istituted i the eo of legeda oalist Padit Bhise Joshi A.K.S Chithra B.Alka Yagnik C.Usha Uttup D.Prabha Atre

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16 | P a g e Follow Us - Copyright 2015 AffairsCloud.Com Current Affairs Quiz 95.Who has been appointed as Director General of Doordarshan News A.Kusum Kumari B.Prabha uthapa C.Veena Jain D.Praveen Shukla 96.Which bank has launched a new service Online Customer Acquisition Solution OCAS an online platform to apply for home loans car loans education loans and personal loans A.SBI B.ICICI bank C.YES bank D.IDBI bank .Nae the autho of the ook titled Ahedaad: A Cit i the Wold A.Preeti shenoy B.Anita Desai C.Anita Nair D.Amrita Shah 98.Who has been appointed as new CEO of GoAir Airlines A.Wolfgang Prock-Shauer B.Keizy Vaz C.Andrew smith D.Kerry Hamilton 99.Who has been appointed as the Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar A. Dr. Sudesh Verma B. Dr. G S Reddy C. Dr. Mahesh Banerjee D. None of these 100.Name the person appointed as the CFO of Indian Bank A. V A Prasanth B. Yespal Yarlagadda C. K S.Raghav D. Pradeep Sharma

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