Q&A: Dp Derm Distributes Skincare Line Dedicated to Microneedling

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Skincare protocol before, during, and after microneedling treatments shouldn’t be left up to chance. With specially-formulated products, patients can achieve the best outcomes from their microneedling results. Dp Derm is the official U.S. distributor of Dp Dermaceuticals, an innovative skincare line developed for microneedling procedures. Their range includes formulas with potent antioxidants sourced with organic botanicals, power peptides, multivitamins, and more.


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QA: Dp Derm Distributes Skincare Line Dedicated to Microneedling Procedures

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QA: Dp Derm Distributes Skincare Line Dedicated to Microneedling Procedures People choose microneedling procedures from a board-certified dermatologist for various reasons including to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles pore size scars and hyperpigmentation to name a few. Microneedling involves puncturing the skin with a handheld medical device containing thin needles to create tiny wounds which triggers the skin’s repair response and production of collagen. To achieve the best outcomes a trained practitioner who’s skilled at microneedling should perform the treatments. Another important component of microneedling is the skincare products that are used before during and after the treatment courses. The skin is extremely receptive to topically-applied corrective ingredients after microneedling as they can penetrate deeper into the layers of skin. This is where Dp Derm is especially crucial. To achieve the optimal outcomes from your microneedling results high-quality skincare products are essential. What Does Dp Derm Do Dp Derm is a supplier of skincare equipment and topicals to the professional sector. They aim to improve clinical treatment outcomes in several ways such as by offering the only skincare line specifically designed for microneedling procedures Dp Dermaceuticals. As the official U.S. distributor for Dp Dermaceuticals Dp Derm is dedicated to bringing practitioners and patients the highest quality products from one of the worlds most trusted brands. Who Can Buy From Dp Derm The products Dp Derm offers are for clinics dermatologists surgeons aestheticians spa owners—basically skincare practitioners and their patients. Consumers can also purchase Dp Dermaceuticals’ products from Dp Derm’s online store.

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Why Choose Dp Dermaceuticals The brand is committed to innovative skin science and each product is a reflection of that dedication. Additionally Dp Dermaceuticals’ formulas were developed over decades with leading doctors dermatologists and aestheticians from around the world. What Ingredients Are in Dp Dermaceuticals ’ Products Dp Dermaceuticals’ products including their microneedling serum are meticulously crafted with age-defying replenishing and rejuvenating correctives. These include multivitamins powerpeptides potent antioxidants with organically-sourced botanicals and HylaFuse Complex. The patented HylaFuse Complex is a supreme system of hyaluronic acid designed to saturate the skin with intensive hydration. It uses three different sizes of the hyaluronic acid molecule allowing it to work in all three layers of the skin. Why Is Microneedling Post Care Important To achieve optimal treatment outcomes individuals need to prepare their skin for the procedure and also take care of their skin afterward with microneedling post care. To take the guesswork out of the process a patient may want to choose a starter kit from Dp Derm to introduce them to the best ingredients and protocol. Full-size versions of the products in the kits can also be purchased. For more information about Dp Derm and Dp Dermaceuticals visit https://www.dpderm.com/

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