Take the Mystery Out of Microneedling Post Care with Dp Derm

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Dp Derm offers a variety of starter kits for microneedling post care to help patients achieve the best outcomes from their skincare treatments. Starter kits formulated by Dp Dermaceuticals are a great introduction to the correct protocol and ingredients necessary for individuals undergoing microneedling procedures. Full-size products are also available on Dp Derm’s website as they are the U.S. distributor for the brand. The Pre/Post Rejuvenation Starter Kit, for instance, provides the ultimate skincare staples by Dp Dermaceuticals.


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Take the Mystery Out of Microneedling Post Care with Dp Derm Microneedling greatly enhances the skin’s ability to absorb highly-concentrated skin-beneficial ingredients in topical formulas. When it comes to the products patients are putting on their faces before and after treatments Dp Dermaceuticals is the preferred choice of skincare because it’s developed and designed specifically for microneedling procedures. One of the ultimate microneedling post care kits is the Dp Dermaceuticals Pre/Post Rejuvenation Starter Kit offered by the brand’s U.S. distributor Dp Derm. This versatile aftercare kit is ideal for microneedling procedures and serves as a great introduction to the array of products by Dp Dermaceuticals. To get the most benefits from your microneedling results be sure to follow a skincare protocol using products from one of the world’s most trusted skincare brands for microneedling. Here are the products contained in the Pre/Post Rejuvenation Starter Kit: TriPhase Cleanser This cleanser is ideal for use before and after your skin needling or other clinical rejuvenation procedure. It removes dirt makeup excess oil and more. Some of the performance ingredients include the following antioxidants: grape seed oil vitamin C vitamin E rice bran oil and apricot kernel extract. It also contains the patented HylaFuse Complex which is a triple-weighted hyaluronic acid complex that promotes maximum hydration.

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Vitamin Rich Repair This refreshing solution is designed to visibly strengthen vulnerable complexions. It can be used daily and applied after corrective serums and before SPF. Use it once a day for 1-2 weeks before your treatment to build the skin’s integrity. Post treatment apply twice a day for the next five days of healing. Vitamin Rich Repair contains HylaFuse Complex vitamin A esters vitamin E resveratrol and a patented power copper peptide called Neodermyl. HylaActive Serum This microneedling serum is formulated to plump and smooth the skin to reduce signs of environmental aging. It’s used in a clinical setting and can be used at home as well topromote optimal treatment outcomes. It contains zinc and vitamin B5 to promote skin regeneration and the appearance of younger-looking skin. HylaActive 3D Mask A practitioner and patient favorite since it was introduced into the Dp Dermaceuticals range the HylaActive 3D Mask is the perfect conclusion to a microneedling treatment. It’s a silky soft mask that offers a cooling sensation and a refreshing scent. It contains HylaFuse Complex zinc vitamin B5 and peppermint oil. Cover Recover This healing cream is a full spectrum sunscreen and post-procedure foundation that’s available in three tinted shades. Cover Recover helps the skin heal from microneedling and other resurfacing procedures while also protecting the skin from UV rays harmful bacteria and environmental factors that can make recovery tricky. Its light silky consistency and cooling peppermint oil make it a great product for post-procedure and daily use. Learn more about Dp Derm and the products the company carries at https://www.dpderm.com/

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