Dp Derm Supports Power Peptides as Key Performing Ingredients

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If you want to take the guesswork out of microneedling post care, stick with one of the world’s most trusted formulators of products designed especially for microneedling procedures. Dp Dermaceuticals even has starter kits to introduce patients to the best ingredients, products, and protocols to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Dp Derm, U.S. distributor for Dp Dermaceuticals, sells the Pre/Post Rejuvenation Starter Kit, Brightening Starter Kit, Problematic Starter Kit, and Anti-Aging Starter Kit.


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Dp Derm Supports Power Peptides as Key Performing Ingredients Power peptides are pharmaceutically developed chains of amino acid combinations. While the skin already contains thousands of peptides specific combinations of them can stimulate collagen production as well as support better skin healing and repair. A synthetic recreation of such peptide combinations can tell the cells directly to maximize skin function integrity and form. Power peptides are key ingredients in Dp Dermaceuticals’ rejuvenating and skin-replenishing line of skincare products available from Dp Derm. Be sure to check out Dp Dermaceuticals’ starter kits and microneedling post care products that contain performance ingredients including power peptides. A Quick Refresher on Peptides Peptides are chains of amino acids which are the “building blocks” that make up proteins in our bodies like collagen. When collagen breaks down shorter sections of amino acids are formed. These little proteins and molecules are called peptides and they have the power to assist in building more collagen and elastin.

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Here’s a list of the power peptides used in Dp Dermaceuticals’ products designed to maximize the effects of microneedling results. Argirilene® Argirilene® is a synthetic ingredient used to reduce the signs of wrinkles and lines especially around the eyes and forehead. It relaxes facial tension by inhibiting the signals between nerve cells to reduce and soften muscular contraction. Clinical studies have shown up to a 30 reduction in wrinkle depth in as few as 30 days. The result is visibly smoother and refined skin. Syn®-Coll Another wrinkle and line fighter is Syn®-Coll a potent collagen stimulator. It’s designed to boost collagen production as well as protect against collagen degradation. Clinical studies have shown that in just 84 days skin’s roughness decreases up to 145 with a 119 increase in collagen synthesis. The skin may appear plumper and re-contoured as a result. Copper Peptides Copper peptides are a naturally occurring copper complex that includes copper and three amino acids. Copper peptides are known to increase the production of collagen and elastin in aging skin. Copper peptides also have intensive antioxidant qualities which help the skin’s healing response become visibly accelerated and enhanced. Neodermyl® Neodermyl® is a proprietary blend of water glycerin methylglucoside phosphate and copper lysinate/prolinate. It’s a copper peptide complex that works to rejuvenate and stimulate aged elastin and collagen cells. After use the skin should feel lifted and deeply hydrated. Dp Derm offers a wide range of Dp Dermaceuticals’ products including a microneedling serum called HylaActive which works well as a glide medium during microneedling procedures. They also offer Dp Dermaceuticals’ Brite Lite which contains certain power peptides and is a versatile corrective serum to address excess pigment formation. Learn more about Dp Derm and Dp Dermaceuticals’ formulas at https://www.dpderm.com/

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