Dp Derm Is the Official Distributor of Dp Dermaceuticals

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Dp Derm Is the Official Distributor of Dp Dermaceuticals Microneedling can be greatly enhanced with quality skincare products which is why Dp Derm is committed to offering the highest quality formulas from one of the world’s most trusted brands. Dp Derm is the official U.S.-based distributor of Dp Dermaceuticals—a skincare line specifically developed and designed for microneedling procedures. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that uses tiny needles to pierce the skin which prompts the body to heal the wounds by producing collagen and elastin in turn improving the firmness and appearance of the skin. Microneedling can help reduce the appearance of fine lines scars stretch marks and pore size. Other benefits of medical microneedling include an increase in the effectiveness of topical serums and creams as they can penetrate deeper and the stimulation of blood circulation as well as collagen production. When microneedling treatments are combined with specialized products like Dp Dermaceuticals microneedling results can improve greatly with patients seeing an even smoother and brighter complexion as a result. Every Dp Dermaceuticals’ product is carefully crafted to address various treatment needs to ensure that clients achieve optimal treatment outcomes. A base component of every Dp Dermaceuticals’ skincare product is hyaluronic acid specifically a breakthrough form called HylaFuse Complex. This complex stands out from all other hyaluronic acids on the market today because of its longer-lasting and deeper penetrating

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hydration properties. The complex utilizes three different weights of the hyaluronic acid molecule to allow it to work in all three layers of the skin. If you are searching for a microneedling serum that can be used as a medium during the actual treatment as well as a post-treatment homecare recommendation consider Dp Dermaceuticals’ HylaActive Serum. It intensely hydrates the skin’s deeper layers plumps skin helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and provides a smoother texture among other benefits. This potent formula contains:  Vitamin B5 which is critical for improved wound healing and barrier function.  Zinc to speed up the healing process and act as an anti-inflammatory.  HylaFuse Complex that serves as a “second skin” because it hydrates the skin’s surface layer and maintains the movement of small water-soluble molecules toward the skin’s deeper layers. Microneedling post care is crucial for reaping the full benefits of the procedure. Patients need to be gentle on their skin afterward to help the healing process but they also need potent effective products recommended by a dermatologist to hydrate and nourish the skin properly. Skin should look visibly brighter and fuller after a microneedling treatment especially with products designed specifically for microneedling procedures. Dp Dermaceuticals’ products are recommended for pre- and post-treatment and as part of a daily skincare regimen. Their products are suitable for all skin types and conditions. For more information about Dp Dermaceuticals’ products specifically designed for microneedling procedures visit https://www.dpderm.com/

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