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Doug Parr is known for his immense experiences and his expertise is supreme. He is a noticeable expert in terms of project planning and correct cost estimation of many projects. Find out more about him at his official site


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D o u g P a r r General Contractor at DP Construction LLC dba Doug Parr Custom Homes

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Doug Parr is a goal-centric construction expert having amazing abilities pertinent to the field of construction. He is renowned for his exceptional management abilities by means of which he has accomplished various milestones.

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Doug Parr is an excellent professional known for his 17 years of wonderful success in his field. He is a pro in terms of planning and execution of construction projects.

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Doug Parr enjoys a great repute in the industry and he is famed for building 30-40 homes yearly. His amazing connection with clients and other relevant people have made him capable of handling subcontractors successfully.

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Doug Parr enjoys exceptional repute in the industry and has gotten positive feedback from his clients as he affords quality projects on time. Without a doubt Doug Parr is one of the foremost contractors and owns a massive working experience. He manages renovation projects and he is a top professional and his expertise comprise of quality control negotiations handling and supervision.

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Doug Parr has exceptional knowledge of cost estimation and time management. He believes in successful communication and he interacts with architects and engineers to track the progress of the project. Doug Parr is celebrated for his understanding of procedures of bidding and obtaining jobs.

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THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Find out more about him at his official site

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