Doug Parr - A Skilled and Creative General Contractor

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Doug Parr is known for offering unique yet productive services to various clients and he has gained exceptional repute owing to his contribution to the industry and unmatched efforts. To know more about him visit his official site


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1 Doug Parr General Contractor at DP Construction LLC dba Doug Parr Custom Homes

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3 Doug Parr is a General Contractor DP Construction LLC dba Doug Parr Custom Homes Boyd and he is affording his services in the construction industry since 2007. He is commended for the timely delivery of every construction project.

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4 Doug Parr possesses the ability to deliver projects on time. He is concentrated on renovations and is establishing new structures every year.

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5 Doug Parr is known for his understanding of project planning and management. His expertise includes Project Planning Management Cost Estimation Customer Service Time Management Negotiations Supervision Materials Procurement management Quality Control and Construction Documentation.

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6 Doug Parr is a leading construction professional and enjoys exceptional repute in the industry and the credit goes to his industrious efforts in this regard. With exceptional 17 years of experience Doug Parr has gained the immense ability to manage several things simultaneously that includes subcontractors labor equipment and materials necessary for the job.

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7 Doug Parr has great communication and interpersonal skills and he is a strongminded and accomplished expert known for his exceptional understanding of the construction industry.

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