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New Interchange 2 Level V Msc. Doris de Martins

Time for a change: 

Time for a change Houses and apartments My apartment is very dark and a little cramped. However, it’s in a safe neighborhood and it’s very private. Life style changes/ Wishes Evaluations and comparisons The kitchen isn’t big enough The living room is too small It's not as cheap as the last apartment It’s almost as cheap as the last apartment There aren’t enough bedrooms There isn’t enough closet space It doesn’t have as many bedrooms as the last apartment It just as many bedrooms as the last apartment Wishes I don’t like my job. I wish I had a better job. I live with my parents. I wish I could live in my own I’m too short. I wish I were taller.



Homework : 

Homework Write a 3 paragraph composition about houses and apartments. Paragraph 1: Compare apartments and houses. Say which one you like better. Paragraph 2: Write about wishes and things you’d like to change about your house or apartment. Paragraph 3: Describe the house or apartment of your dreams.

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