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7 Auto Tips from Qld Myth Busters Posted on June 10 2015 by sellyourcarnow Are you paying too much to maintain your car Have you got any idea that you can minimize it on your own by just following some Qld Myth buster’s tips The team at Qld Wreckers in Gold Coast is going to throw some tips for you guys that could half your vehicle maintenance costs. Myth 1 – Warm up your car’s engine for a while before start driving Truth – Currently we have been using the most advanced automotive machineries so do car engines. Modern engines are highly mobilized and do not take long time to warm up. Just do not rev the engine for the initial couple of miles of your journey for the better fuel economy and performance. Myth 2 – Using an advanced octane fuel means more power s e l l y o u r c a r n o w Menu

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Truth – Absolutely no sense of using the higher octane fuel if the engine is apparently not designed for the advanced octane fuel. We all know that higher octane fuel can reduce the fuel economy of the vehicle by generating less comprehensive combustion. If you are doing this then you are wasting your money as an ongoing cost. Check out “6 busted fuel- economy myths to save on gas” for more details. Myth 3 – Must need to upgrade the oil and lifter in every 5000 KM Truth – If you are driving the latest car models 2008 or newer then unfortunately this is the outdated news or technique. With the new models the oil life indicators are very high and your car will go up to 12000 KM or more before you ask for the oil changes. It will also depend on your driving habits how many KM you make per month or year. Myth 4 – Flushing coolant with every time changing the oil Truth – If you have been advised that radiator coolant should be changed with every time with the top up of oil then you are dealing with the wrong person. If you check the latest manuals then you might check that it is highly recommended that coolant should be changed in 5 years or within every 100000 KM. We are not considering the leak or broken part case. Myth 5 – Topping off the brake fluid if it is going lower Truth – If the brake fluid is low then topping up the oil will never fix the problem because whenever brake pads are in use the level of the fluid drops a bit automatically. If the fluid level is going below the lower mark then most probably brakes are worn out and need to be replaced. Myth 6 – Car will recharge the battery after the quick jump-start Truth – Not a possible. It could take hours of driving to bring the battery charging to the highest level. Especially with then winter accessories it can take long time to charge up. You might find it out at the gas stations where you can test the “load test” for the battery it will help you to determine if the charging is still needed. Myth 7 – Accurate tire pressure is marked on the tire’s sidewall Truth – The mark that you see at the tire’s sidewall is the maximum inflation level that’s recommended by the manufacturer by considering safer driving conditions. It is not for the normal pressure at all. Check the right pressure on the tag placed in the doorframe section.

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← Why should I hire Qld Wreckers Common tips to maximize the chances to get the top cash for scrap vehicle → Take a Help from the Car Wreckers Gold Coast Qld No matter if you are looking for the second hand car parts or wanted to dispose your unwanted car into the right place Qld Wreckers are the best place to deal with if you are living anywhere in Gold Coast Sunshine Coast Brisbane and Toowoomba Qld. Get the car parts Gold Coast. Sell your car and get the top cash paid for cars in Gold Coast. We offer free Car Removal Gold Coast service as well. Share t his: Twitter 2 Facebook 16 Google Posted in Auto Wreckers Tagged 4wd wreckers gold coast car wreckers gold coast burleigh car wreckers gold coast hyundai ford car wreckers gold coast toyota car wreckers gold coast Leave a Reply Like Be the first to like this. Relat ed Why should I hire Qld Wreckers Helping you to get paid back the worthy part of your vehicle Do you know the hidden costs behind the classic cars

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