Benefits of Proxy Servers to SEO Industry


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We cannot deny that these days the internet has been part of our daily lives and we can also consider it as part of our necessities. The internet is notorious for tracking users, from behavior to the fine details of our personal lives. There are times that we just don’t want to disclose our identity and protect our privacy and security. While proxy servers are no secret to most of the technically inclined, there are still many users who lack the knowledge to access it. A proxy server is an intermediate computer server that sits between a computer accessing the internet, and the destination website where the client is trying to surf. SEO’s are also use proxy servers to change or hide their true IP addresses and there many reasons why you might want to use it too. Below are the uses of seo proxies in the SEO industry:


SEO agencies tend to send lots of queries to different search engines. If it happens that you’re on the same office network, all the activity from the same IP address, mostly if you are using keyword ranking type of software, it’ll look like a potential denial of service attack to the search engines. Then they might also block your IP address, preventing you from further searching. Sending your queries via different proxy servers mitigates that, and can also be used to speed up your keyword ranking reports.


If your agency manages lots of social media accounts on the behalf of clients, your agency will be making lots of requests for many different accounts but all from the same IP address. These social media may accidentally detect this legitimate activity as if you are spamming, and then block you. But routing of each of your clients’ social media activity via a different proxy server makes it look like normal activity coming from the different IP address.


If you access competitors websites a lot of research, their web servers log your IP address and may be able to trace your activities back to you. By routing your request via proxy server, your true identity is totally hidden.


You can surf as if you are in another country. Most websites, especially the search engines, serve up different content depending on your country. They can determine it by detecting your IP address and looking it up in a commercial GEO_IP database. In an instance, if your SEO agency was based in France but you had a client in the Philippines, the results you get from search engines are going to be different than your clients’ result. This is because the search engine is very helpfully trying to personalize the results. There are several SEO packages that can mimic this by tweaking the parameters it sends to search engines to trick it into thinking you’re in another location of the world. Sometimes this technique doesn’t work with all software or search engines. Therefore we see a lot of SEO agencies who have clients overseas that use proxy servers based in their clients’ countries, to ensure they get the same personalized result as their clients.



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