Safeguarding Your Identity


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Safeguard your identity with this easy step-by-step. Ideal for those for better living and quality personal finance.


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Lost or Stolen Wallet? No Problem!:

Lost or Stolen Wallet? No Problem! Your Easy Step-by-Step Peace of Mind to Identity Theft Recovery & Avoidance

In the Beginning…:

In the Beginning… Wallets were originally simple cases for knick-knacks but evolved due to growing needs. Today there is an increasing desire to carry more of our personals even when not needed. So much activity that can be done it’s easier to have everything with you at all times.

Oh No! It’s Gone!:

Oh No! It’s Gone! Carrying too much in your wallet exposes you to more damage when lost. Statistics show it is one of the most emotionally devastating experiences. People hold out hope that their wallet will be returned. In most cases it doesn’t happen.

The Evil Signs:

The Evil Signs Unexpected calls from creditors for unknown purchases. Unexplainable credit card transactions. Bills stop arriving. Rejection notices when applying for credit despite having a clean credit record.

Steps to Securing Your Identity:

Steps to Securing Your Identity Credit Cards: Phone your provider and report it lost/stolen. A new one will be reissued. Gift Cards: Contact customer service and they will transfer existing balance and reissue a new card. Credit Bureaus: Order free credit reports from Equifax and TransUnion to monitor your history.

Steps to Securing Your Identity (cont.):

Steps to Securing Your Identity (cont.) Pins and Passwords: Change all pins and passwords if you carried reminder notes in your wallet that revealed them. Police Report: File a report to help in recovering IDs and to help prove your case of theft to creditors. SIN/SSN Reporting: Notify the government so they can flag and reissue a new card (if this card was in your wallet)

Steps to Securing Your Identity (cont.):

Steps to Securing Your Identity (cont.) Investment Accounts: Login credentials kept in your wallet for discount brokers like Questrade should be changed promptly. Driver’s License: Visit your nearest DMV to get a quick replacement. Health Card: Alert your provider so they can monitor activity.

Final Tips:

Final Tips Endless array of IDs one may be carrying. The key is to only carry what you need and leave the rest at home in a secure place. Only need to carry a driver’s license, health card, credit card, debit card, and a small amount of cash. When you lose your IDs always take action immediately. This will limit future damage.