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this is about the secrets of high performing organizations. how they outsmart their counterparts in the long run business?


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INTRODUCTION…!!! High-performance companies are the role models of the organizational world. They represent real-world visions of a modern managerial ideal: the organization that is so excellent in so many areas that it consistently outperforms most of its competitors for extended periods of time. The truth is, however, that it’s hard to discern exactly why some organizations perform better than others.

Generally speaking, high performance organizations are superior to their low-performance counterparts in the following areas:

Generally speaking, high performance organizations are superior to their low-performance counterparts in the following areas Their strategies are more consistent, clearer and are well thought of. They are more likely to go above and beyond for their customers. They are more likely to adhere to high ethical standards throughout the organization. Their leaders are relatively clear, fair and talent oriented. They are superior in terms of clarifying performance measures, training people to do their jobs, and enabling employees to work well together. Their employees are more likely to think the organization is a good place to work. Their employees use their skills, knowledge, and experience to create unique solutions for customers.

External factors influencing organizational performance…!!!:

External factors influencing organizational performance…!!! Talents and skills of the workforce. Global competition. …agility and resilience are likely to be characteristics of organizations that sustain (high) performance over long periods of time. Faster and more disruptive change. … the keys to managing threats and opportunities are the ability to plan proactively, craft industry alliances, and stay informed about social and political trends.

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Political and regulatory changes. The influence of ethics. …if organizations are going to get the discretionary behaviors from individuals which are so important to business performance, they must work to create supportive cultures which encourage innovation and performance. Environmental changes.

Nine unusual characteristics of high performing organizations:

Nine unusual characteristics of high performing organizations Willing to fail in order to succeed. Motivation driven by excitement not fear. Obsessive focus. Respect. Alignment. Positive accountability. Shared values. No whining, complaining or excuses. Meet or exceed.

Dynamics of high performing organizations…!!!:

Dynamics of high performing organizations…!!! There must be Seven Elements present for an organization to become a high performing organization. These Seven Elements are the building blocks that end up driving the success of the High Performing Organizations. But it is more than just having these elements present in the organization: it is the dynamics that are involved in these Seven Elements that create high performance.

The Seven Elements of High Performance Organizations.:

The Seven Elements of High Performance Organizations. The core element: people The 4 cardinal elements: Vision Leadership Strengths Innovation The two foundational elements: Trust Personal responsibility

All of the Seven Elements are Interrelated:

All of the Seven Elements are Interrelated An organization cannot have any true growth and success unless it is focusing on all of the seven elements. Furthermore, the success of any one of the Seven Elements is directly related to the organization’s ability to grow and balance the other elements. While elements like Trust and Personal Responsibility are foundational elements, one have to realize that they are also dependent upon the presence Of the other elements. Trust cannot live without Personal Responsibility. Personal Responsibility can easily be destroyed by poor leadership or failing to find the purpose in what one is doing.

What about the money…???:

What about the money…??? The financial performance of the such organizations is dealt in the model itself. The shareholders are one of the core constituencies whose needs are balanced with the other constituencies of customers, employees and management. Goals looks at making money as a part of economic success, its just not the primary driving focus. Innovation keeps the organization as a major player against its competitors not just currently but in the future. Yes, there is no doubt that financial performance is a key indicator of a High Performing Organization. But those organizations that are High Performing don’t make the balance sheet their driving force or their focus. In addition, financial performance is a measure of how well the organization has already performed. One can only measure profit after performance occurred.


Be-Do-Achieve…!!! To Achieve what you have never had, you must Do what you have never done. If you Do what everyone else is doing, you will get what everyone is getting. Most get mediocrity, at best. To Achieve what you have never had, you must Do what you have never done. To Do what you have never done, you must Be what you have never been. Know what you need to Be first. Then you will know what to Do to Achieve your Goals !!!

Thus…to be a high performing organization:

Thus…to be a high performing organization Put People at the Center of everything you do, employees, customers, and community. Build Trust as a Foundation . Allow Personal Responsibility through Individual Decision Making. Share a Vision of an Aligned Purpose, Values, and Goals. Create Emotional Connections through Leadership . Focus on Strengths and Accentuate the Positive . Encourage Innovation , because Good Enough is Not Enough